This is the feline version of Jagged, my wolf OC.

Basic Info Edit

AJ User: Jaggedrock

Name: Jaggedrock

Gender: Male

Wolf Form: OC: Jagged

Age: 25 moons


Status: Loner

Basic Appearance: An average-sized cat with a light brown pelt and silvery-grey spots.

Breed: Jaggedrock has a long, complicated family tree- he is a mix of many breeds, including Pallas's cat (Otocolobus manul) and Pampas cat (Leopardus pajeros). However, the cat breed that shows up the most in his appearance is the serval (Leptailurus serval).

Family: None that he has spoken to for a while.

Mate: None

In-depth Info Edit

Complex Appearance: A medium-sized cat with ecru-colored (beige) fur. His pelt is streaked with scattered, silvery-grey dots and lines. He has light-grey eyes and angular features. His ears are quite large and his legs very long.

Height: 3'1''

Pros: Long limbs (good for jumping), strategic, and fast

Biggest Strength in a battle: Strategy

Cons: Not very resilient to pain, hesitates before he kills, not very strong, prefers defending rather than attacking, not especially good with stamina

Biggest weakness: Strength (not very strong)

Personality: He's unambitious and not very stubborn. To strangers, he's quiet, not talkative, and prefers staying back and listening. He in't afraid to talk, just prefers not to. To those who do know him, he's quirky and a bit weird, yet still quite quiet. He's patient and respectful. He respects authority, yet he can be authoritative.

Backstory: He doesn't speak of his past, as it involves the death of two sisters and the severance of a brother. Of his past, only this is known: He had a clan, mother, father, two sisters, and a brother. After a few moons, he lost all of them. After this undisclosed tragedy, he jumped around from clan to clan. At one of these clans, he was banished and hunted down, so he befriended a wolf to help protect him. He stayed a loner for a while with the wolf, but sadly, his friend passed away. Currently, he remains a loner.