This is my OC: Jagged, Member of The Echoing Forest (TEF) Pack.

Basic InfoEdit

AJ/CPI/Wolfhome/AJ Clans Wiki username: Jaggedrock

Jaggedrock AJ Appearance

Jagged's Appearance on AJ

Name: Jagged, previously Jaggedrock

Cat Form: OC: Jaggedrock

Gender: Male

Age: 25 moons

Pack: The Echoing Forest

Rank: Lead Tyro (Lead Warrior)


Jagged's Appearance on WolfHome

Basic Appearance: A medium-sized wolf with brown, black, and light-grey mottled pelt. His eyes are currently a pale-green.

Breed: One-half Eastern (timber) wolf, one-third Labrador wolf, one-sixth dog (a mixture of multiple dog breeds).

Family: None that he has spoken to for a while.

Mate: None

In-depth Info Edit

Complex Appearance: A medium-sized wolf with a light-brown underbelly, light-brown paws, black coat and face, and light-grey spots all over him. His fur somewhat resembles a rock. His eyes are ever-changing, but currently pale-green. He has medium-length claws and teeth, all which are deadly sharp. He has long limbs and thin chest, a slender frame, and angular features. His overall appearance is not intimidating, but there is confidence in his eyes that'll make you take a second glance.

Wyndbain Appearance

Height: 2.7 feet 

Weight: 86 lbs 

Length from nose-to-tail: 5.3 feet 

Pros: Fast, agile, good stamina, strategic 

Biggest Strength in a battle: Strategy 

Cons: Not very resilient to pain, hesitates before he kills, not very strong, prefers defending rather than attacking 

Biggest weakness: Strength (not very strong) 

Personality: He's not quick to forgive or trust. He's quiet and prefers to stay back and listen. He in't afraid to talk; he just prefers not to. He can be quirky and talkative, but only to those he's close to. He's fiercely loyal and protective. He's quick-witted, patient, and mature. He respects authority, yet he can be authoritative. 

Backstory: Born to a pack he no longer remembers, he was named Jaggedrock because of his black and grey fur. His mother's breed was mostly Eastern (timber) wolf, and his father's was mostly Labrador wolf and a mixture of different dog breeds. He had a brother and two sisters. Just after becoming a warrior, a tragedy occurred, leaving him without pack or family. The results of the calamity was this; his two sisters were killed, and the rest of his family's whereabouts became unknown to him. In his time as a loner, he learned that the world was not very kind and, in fact, quite cruel, but he did meet his mate while being a loner. He stumbled upon The Echoing Forest Pack after being a loner for a while. There, he shortened his name to Jagged. On 2/2/16, he received word that his mate had suicided, leaving him unhappy and mournful. He has moved on since then. Currently, he is a loyal member of TEF.