"Sometimes the right path isn't the easiest one."

OC: Honeypuddle
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Old: None
Current: ScarClan
Current Rank: Medicine Cat
Last Rank: None
Mother: Lavender
Father(s): Marshall
Siblings: Otterkit Puddlekit
Mate(s): Not telling
Kits: Maybe...
Mentor(s): None, due to being a rouge
Apprentice(s): None yet
Age: 18 moons
Status (Living/Dead): Living
Roleplay Info
Roleplayer: Unknown

Name: Honeypuddle

Species: Felis Catus

Breed: Turkish Angora Shorthair Mix

​Sex: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

​Group: ScarClan as their medicine cat

Mate: None anymore

Mother: Lavender

Father: Marshall

Siblings: Otterkit, Puddlekit

Friends: None, she has learned to trust no one

➡️ Honeypuddle's Appearance ⬅️ Edit

Honeypuddle, most commonly known as Honey, is a pale, orange, tabby feline. She has a full alabaster underbelly, with white paws, white tail tip, and a white face (which she inherits from her mother). Her eyes are a pale amber, and she is starting to go blind in one of them. She has large tears in her right ear due to a fight with a kittypet. 


Le honey puddle

Puddle of honey


Honeypuddle avatar

➡️ Honeypuddle's Personality ⬅️Edit

Honeypuddle is a quiet she-cat. She rarely speaks, and believes actions are more powerful than words. She only truely talks to cats she trusts the most. She enjoys helping and healing others, making her a perfect medicine cat. She can be quite the flirt once you get to know her, and she likes "teasing" others.

➡️ Honeypuddle's History ⬅️Edit

As the eldest of her litter, she saw her mother the longest. The one who saw her the most in pain and sadness. She saw her brother and sister die before her eyes a few days after birth. Otterkit was funny, but weak. He died before Puddlekit, who died a few days later. Puddlekit was Honey's best friend, and named herself Honeypuddle in her honor. Ever since then, she has taught herself how to hunt, swim, climb, fight, and heal. Healing being one of her favorites, and one day  she healed a rogue kit who wandered from his mother, and gotten himself seriously injured. Every since that day, Honeypuddle wanted to be a mother. She started flirting with tomcats, but no one really caught her eye. Except for one cat. His name was Heron, and he was everything Honeypuddle loved in a tomcat. Sadly, Heron rejected her. Dejected, Honeypuddle ran to a different forest, and she now lives there. To be specific, she lives around ScarClan area. One day, a tom saw her and asked her to join ScarClan. Honeypuddle reluctantly agreed as long as she was the clan's healer. The tom, who's name was Whitestar, agreed being in need of a medicine cat. She now lives in ScarClan happily.

➡️Honeypuddle's Fun Facts⬅️ Edit

🔹Honeypuddle's last words to her mother was, "Where are you going mommy?"

🔹 She is quite clumsy , and trips over her own paws.

🔹This feline still hasn't gotten over Heron, and tries to find any cat with the same personality as him.