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Appearance: Edit

Russian Blue- Gray Tainted Tom with a creme colored underbelly as well as on his muzzle. His ears and paws are equally shaded with a snowy white color, even though his right paw is white. His eyes are a bright and icy blue, and around his neck is a past Black Blood Clan Collar.

Hollow: Due to his hollow looking appearance, including his dark blue pelt. He's tiny and doesn't show emotion, which makes him 'Hollow'

Possible Warrior Names: Edit

HollowHeart, HollowFang, HollowSoul, HollowClaw, HollowPelt, HollowSpirit, HollowFeather, HollowFall

Past Names: Edit

Hollow Kit

Gender: Edit


Clan: Edit

Storm Clan

Rank: Edit


MENTOR.. Dark Star

Age: Edit

6 moons

Breed: Edit

Russian Blue Bangel, Mixed with Siamese

Size: Edit

He's pretty medium sized, even though he's a tom. He's the smallest out of him and his sister. He's very mischievous and loves to wrestle and play fight, since he's always trying to prove himself. He's small but he has some muscle, but not much. Due to his size difference compared to the other kits/ apprentices, he works hard to show that he isn't weak. You can catch him sometimes struggling with thing's requiring height.

Brief Description Edit

Russian Blue Tom Tom, With White Tipped Ears and White Right Paw, and white tipped back paws. He is also suited with a creme tainted under belly and chest. To top it all, he has piercing bright blue eyes as well.

Scars: Edit

He Has one veritcal scar down his left eye due to wrestling to roughly, and he ended up getting a deep and heavy scar down his eye. It isn't bad or to noticeable, but it shows that he isn't afraid to fight back.

Fur Texture/ Fur Length/ Fur Color Edit

Hollow Paw's pelt is surprisingly fluffy, even though he doesn't like admitting it. Whenever he's upset or mad, it usually fluffs up. Even though it's very fluffy, it's actually medium length. His pelt adapts to the different seasons (Long if it's winter, short if it's summer, etc). His blue fur stands out most from his other friends and clan mates, even though it has a heavy grey color blended in along with it as well. His pelt color is inherited by his mother, while the length and texture is inherited from his father.

Eyes: Edit

Unlike His Younger Sister, SkyPaw, his eyes are a unusually bright blue color. They stand out, and they seem to fit his dark russian blue pelt perfectly. His eyes are usually round, even though they are narrowed alot.

Body Type: Edit

Small And Narrow At The Moment

Special Features: Edit

His Left Right Paw is White, which is unusual in his family. His other three paws only have white on the tip of his toes, unlike his right front paw. He also has a vertical scar down his left eye, which is unique for his age. Not to mention, his tail is almost bigger then he is. It's super fluffy and spiked, making it very thick.

Scent: Edit

He never really had true parents, until he discovered his real parents in Storm Clan, and was taken in by multiple cats who abandoned him. He usually smells like mud and dirt, since he's always wrestling and playing around with other kits as well.

Accesories: Edit

He has a thick and torn Black Blood Clan collar around his neck, since he was brought from there by his mother and father, who ended up leaving soon afterwards.

Traits: .... ( Stubborn) (Sharp Tongued) ( Mischievous) (Shy) ( Playful) Edit

-- Break Down-- Edit

+ (Stubborn):

He's pretty stubborn since he hates being ordered around. He is always trying to avoid having cats tell him what to do, or when to do it. Due to his hard headed personality, he doesn't really listen to older cats. His solo-acting personality trait always causes him to get in huge trouble. He doesn't really trust other kits/apprentices  much since they always judge him because of his height and size. This makes him extremely hard to like.

+ (Sharp Tongued):

This follow's up with his Stubbornness. He might seem very calm and collected, but he's far from that. He is always giving cats his honest opinion. If someone says something about him or his friends, he won't hold back and he'll say whatever he wants. His sharp tongued type of behavior can be a good thing, since he is always defending people he cares about the most. Especially Tiny Kit, he always tries to stand up for her.

+ (Mischievous):

He's always doing the opposite. If you tell him to do something, he'll most likely do the opposite. He isn't to big on being treated like a kit. He's always running around with his friends and causing trouble. He is a huge trouble maker, and is always getting into trouble. He's always trying to find ways to have fun and prove himself to his clan mates. He isn't that bad, but if he you find some of the prey missing, it's him.

+ (Shy):

Don't be fooled with his some-what loud personality. He's honestly very shy, and it's hard for him to get out of his shell. He doesn't trust cats easily, so he always keeps them at a safe distance. He would rather be with a smaller group of cats then a huge one. He might seem very coldhearted and mean, but he's the exact opposite. Once he opens up fully, he doesn't stop talking. He keeps his friends close, and is kind.

+ (Playful):

Sometimes he makes the first move and tries making friends. He is always happy and is always playing. He might try and have a tough act up, but he's just trying to make people accept him. He might be shy, but if he see's someone playing alone, he'll go up to them and tackle them (playfully). His very prankster like humor is very loud, and it sometimes makes it easy for him to make friends, as well as enemies too.

Family: Edit


Father... BrackenHeart

Uncle: Dark Star

Sibling's: Sky Paw (She-Cat)

Orientation: Straight

Preferences: Edit


-- Bubbly

-- Kind

-- Loyal


-- Egotistical

-- Rude

-- Dishonest

Shipping's: Edit

Hollow X Tiny ( I kind of like it XD)

Hollow X Scarlet


Theme Song: Edit

Attack: 30 Seconds To Mars

History: Edit

Hollow Paw was born originally in Blood Clan. He was to young to remember who his parents was, and the only person he truly has was his little sister, Sky Paw. Everyone in Blood Clan didn't want them, since they was younger and tinier then the other fellow kits in the clan. His unknown parents had to protect them many times from their hungry Clan Mates who wanted to kill them. Eventually, Scourge ordered for the rest of Blood Clan to take Hollow and Sky by Force. Soon, his mother and father both ran away from Blood Clan even though they was being tracked down with every single step along the way. They didn't want to give up their kits, but they had no choice. They ended up disappearing soon after that, nobody knows if they are alive, dead, or roamed off as rogues or worse.. Fled to the life of a kittypet or something unknown. They are gone now.

They both dropped them at the edge of Storm Clan. The Clan didn't trust them at first as they was able to became more aware of where they was. Hollow's parents was now discovered, they are BrackenHeart and Torn Soul.,he has alo. He ended up developing alot of hate and distrust towards them in the past, but it's gone now, and he insists on having his sister close to him. His Clan Mate's aren't all fully against him, even though a few of his clan mates became friends with him. He tries to prove all he can to Storm Clan, and he won't give up at all.

Relation's Edit

Leader: Darkstar Edit

"He's the best mentor ever! I honestly respect him alot. He's very strong and powerful, and he has many cats fearing him. He's the perfect leader for our family (Storm Clan). I know I'm going to learn alot from him. Hopefully I can grow up to be just like him one day, Who knows? I'll make him very proud though."

-- Update-- "He's taught me alot these past few moons. Honestly, I couldn't have asked for a better mentor. I know I'm the luckiest apprentice ever, along with Rapidpaw. He isn't just my leader and uncle, he's also my a close friend of mine and almost like a brother to me. I'll fight beside him until the end."

Warriors: Edit

TornSoul: " She's amazing. I'm very thankful I have her as a mother. She might seem cold hearted and very distant, but I know she cares about us. She has a very strong spirit, but past that she's very sweet. I look up to her, and I hope I can make her proud. I promise, mother, to be the best warrior ever."

--Update-- "Me and my mother has had some disagreements in the past, but we still stand strong. I know she's the most strongest and Independent she-cat in the entire Clan. I admire and respect her so much, I hope to be just like her. I hope we can be able to talk more. I miss being able to be close to her."

LightHeart: "She's super sweet and kind. I've never really spoke to her much, But I hope to get to know her better. She is always happy and smiling around everyone, and it puts everyone in a good mood. She is very friendly too, even when I first arrived in Storm Clan. I really hope to become good friends with her too.

--Update-- "I'm so happy she's expecting kits! Hopefully they grow up to be like her and Tiny Claw. I hope to be able to be a future mentor of one of her little kits. She never doubted me a single time, her trust in me was never low. I feel like she's a second mother to me. It's super easy to talk to her alot."

CrookedFoot: " He's really kind and mysterious. He's pretty funny as well, and he's a good mentor. He is super patient, and always dealt with my best friend, Tinypaw, well. He allowed me to talk and vent to him alot, so I'm glad our friendship is close. Hopefully in every battle, me and him can fight together well."

--Update-- "He'll make a incredible father. He might have not noticed it, but he was like a father to Tinypaw and everyone else. We all respect him, since he was the first warrior we was able to get close to. He's alot like a older brother, and I won't ever give up on him. Hopefully we keep this close bond."

FernDrop: I've hardly talked to her. The last time we talked for a while together is when I was a kit. She seems to be very distant from me lately. I really hope I didn't upset her in any way, She's the cat I'm less close to in the Clan. Maybe I can ask to train with her one day? It'd be nice to be able to talk more to her."

--Update-- "I finally got close to her! We're pretty close now. Everybody has their doubts, but we are finally on a good term. She's a very level headed and kind hearted she-cat. I hope she knows that I'm here whenever she needs it. Shes' really sweet, and I know she gets it from her sister. She's incredible too."

BrackenHeart: "Words can't describe my father. He fully accepts me for who I am. He is very amazing and super kind, and he is always encouraging me. I know to come to him if I ever need to talk, or vent or any other stuff bothering. I have the best, most strongest father in the Clan. I hope to be just like him too."

--Update-- "Me and father has been through so much. We've experienced alot of heartbreak, and tons of people just turning on us. We both know what it's like.. I feel like he understands me on many other levels. I trust him with my life, I don't know what'd I ever do if I lost him. He's truly my hero. I mean it."

SageFall: "She's a pretty crazy she cat. She was one of the first cat's I've met. She was super kind,and she automatically accepted me and Skypaw. It was hard to talk to her first, since she appears to be the type of cat that'd claw your ears off. We aren't that close anymore, but I'll try and regain it. I promise I will."

--Update-- "Heh, well. Me and Sagefall as gotten closer as well. She's opened up alot to me, and she always is there to defend me when I need it the most. She's expecting kits as well, and she was alot like a second mother or other sister. Her kits are going to be the best warriors Star Clan has to offer, I know.

Tiny Claw: " Heh, I think I drove him nuts half the time. I really look up to him, his personality and whole determiner is very interesting. He isn't to mature, or to immature. I really wanted him as a mentor, but I guess our personalities didn't match much. So now, he's alot like a older brother to me now. He's epic."

--Update-- "Wow, I still admire this warrior. His strength, attitude, everything. Sadly, we seem to have drifted apart a little bit. I know he has bigger plans now, especially with him and Lightheart's kits coming along the way. I will be there like a little brother if he ever needed it. Tiny Claw is still respected by me.

Forsaken Heart: " Even before I joined Storm Clan, me and her was good friends. She's Tiny Paw's mother, which made it easy to get along with her. We both joked alot together, and it's not awkward at all. I think of her as a older sister or second mother at times. Now, I feel sympathy for her since her daughter's gone."

--Update-- "Well... She ended up leaving.. It's a shame.. She was the last person I had a deep connection to when it came back to Tiny paw. I don't blame her for leaving, and I don't hate her either. I hope we can talk and get along better future terms. She doesn't like me, so I heard by many cats. It's hurtful too."

---- Apprentice's-----

RapidPaw: " I just met him recently. He's Dark Star's apprentice as well, and we train together alot. He is very quiet and to himself, so it's hard to actually talk to him. He's pretty quick and agile when it comes to his technique's in fighting. Maybe we can be friends, but It's normal that he doesn't open up easily I guess.

--Update-- "Well, we train together all the time now. We aren't really close, or to distant. I admire his battle skills and strategies. We might not be brothers, but I understand why he's so respected by all of Storm Clan. He will be the best of the warriors one day, and I'll support Rapidpaw every single paw step."

SpiderPaw: " We talk here and there, and she's pretty nice. She's very loud and bubbly, as well as super outspoken. She has alot of energy and bounces around. She's very kind and sweet, even though she never really talks much. She always mentions how she wants be a warrior, and I know she'll make a awesome one

-- Update-- "She's been through alot as well. I feel bad for her, but I hope she knows she's helped me alot too. She's reassured me when I needed it the most. I can't thank her enough for leading me back on the right path. She might not be close to me, but I still owe her. That's a debt I will forever have to pay."

CreekPaw: ".... Well, I've known him before we both joined the clan. We've never been on the best terms with each other, we both used to be pretty cold to each other for reasons. I tried regaining friendship and such, something we never had, but he always ignores me. Guess we can't be friends, which is fine."

--Update-- ".. Well, he's never on. I hardly ever see this stubborn tom around. I'll have to break the news to him that his love (TinyPaw) was exiled. He doesn't like me still, it's pretty clear. I won't start anything with him. Hopefully, we can reach a understanding one day and settle this all. Peace, Creek."

Gravelpaw: " I honestly never see him around anymore. He was pretty shy when we first met, and I feel bad that I missed his apprentice ceremony. I've noticed how he always sticks around Thornpaw, they'd be pretty good together. He's also super lucky to have Brackenheart as his mentor, he'll be a good warrior."

--Update-- "We absolutely don't talk anymore. I hear about Gravelpaw, which sparks up my interest. He seems like a good cat, but I wish he'd stick with the family more often. If he has any doubts or anything, he can come to me. I'll try to help the best I can, even though I'm not sure what to say to him at all now."

Thorn Paw: " She's super sweet. She was the first person we met that was a kit, such as ourselves. She was always so kind to everyone, mainly Gravel Paw. She seemed to be very smart and witty, even though she never really hung around huge groups of cats. Hopefully her and Gravel Paw get together soon."

--Update-- "I think she forgot about the Clan. Nobody really mentions her, she doesn't come around anymore. It's a sad thought to think we faded from her mind. I was hoping me and her could become homies or something. But, she has made her choice. I'll just wait to see if she comes back at all now."

SkyPaw: " Honestly, I couldn't be any prouder of my little sister. We've both been through alot together, and I hope we stay together. I trust her with my life, and I'm proud that she chose the road of a medicine cat. She'll serve the clan well, and I'll be there to protect her with the cost of my life. I'm so proud."

--Update-- "It..Hurts.. To talk about Sky. I never thought my sister would just.. Disappear from my side. I hope she had good intentions. Part of me forgives her for what she put me through, the other part can never forgive her. Maybe we're better off apart. I'm not sure what to think anymore. She's gone now."

Tiny Paw: " I still can't believe she's exiled. Honestly, she was my best friend. I felt like I didn't have to hide my true self around her. We both made tons of promises together, but one was always staying with each other. I guess it just wasn't mean to be. She'll always be my best friend that I'll love. Goodbye."

--Update-- "..It hurt's to talk about Tiny too. Sure, we still get in trouble from time to time. She's a cat that I can't just let fade away into nothing. She means alot to me still, and she walks another path. I will still be there for her, since she is always there for me. What me and her hold in our paws is unshaken."

---- Kit's----

LilyKit/LilyPaw: "Heh, she reminds me alot of myself. She's so full of energy, and she'll probably tear your tail off if you don't watch her carefully. Trust me, It's happened to me before almost. She's a little rebellious, but kit's will be kit's. At first,she's very shy and it takes time for her adapt. She'll be a very good apprentice."

--Update-- "She's the only one. Her and Scarlet have stayed beside me until the very end. I admire her loyalty to me. She is like a little sister, and I refuse to let anyone hurt her. She's no longer a kit anymore, she's now a apprentice. I'm excited for me and her both to become warriors! She should be LilySpirit."

Tauntedkit: " She's probably the most mischievous kit ever. Don't let her innocent face fool you. She'd steal all the prey from the pile if she could, truly. She also likes messing with the apprentices & warriors when she's bored. But, even though I can't wait until she becomes a apprentice. She'd be a good spy."

--Update-- "She's gone too. She seemed to wonder off and never come back. I hate being attached to a cat and they disappear without a trace. We both seemed to be so close.. But, it's quick how things can change. I hope she's ok at least, I hope she had a good reason to just leave me and Storm Clan like that."

Crowkit: "Hmm.. I honestly feel bad for her. She's very secluded, and she never really talks to anyone. She seems so angry and will rip everyone's ears off all the time. She isn't mean, but she doesn't like to associate with the clan anymore. The only people she talks to is me and Sky. But Crow left I think..."

--Update-- ".. She never trusted me. We soon fell apart towards the end. She lashed out on everyone, and her trust in our family faded. I knew she'd leave me and everyone else sooner or later. I do have a regret of how we argue/argued to one another. We both said things we shouldn't have in the past."

Scarletkit/Scarletpaw: " --Blushes intensely-- S-She's very beautiful. Probably the most beautiful she cat I've ever seen. She makes my brain so jumbled whenever I talk to her. I'm so happy her apprentice ceremony is going to happen soon. I think I have feeling's for her.. Hopefully we can train and get closer together."

--Update-- :Blushes: We both are extremely close. I love being around her, seeing her smile, her scent anything and everything about her. I will do anything in the world for her, and I adore her so much. I hope she feels the same for me. I have come to the conclusion that I'm in love with Scarletpaw now."

Silver Kit/Silverpaw/ Silvermoon " I honestly didn't think she wanted anything to do with me at first. She was always so serious and never really showed emotions. But, now that I'm talking to her more frequently, she's alot like me. I'm trying to become good friends with her, but which will be easy now that she was apprenticed today."

--Update-- "So much has happened between me and Silvermoon. She's now a warrior! It's crazy seeing how fast she grew. I wouldn't blame her, she was a strong and determined apprentice. I respect and admire her, even more then I did before. I know she'll make and serve the clan well. I admire her too."

Trivia & Roleplay: Edit


-- Very Good At Combat

-- Has Good Speed And Agility

-- Climbing


-- Water

-- Darkness (complete)

-- Hunting

Likes: Edit

-- Playing with Tiny Kit

-- Rolling In The Mud

-- Looking At Stars

Dislikes: Edit

-- Deep Water

-- Darkness

-- Storms

Fears: Edit

-- Betrayal

-- Being Alone

-- Drowning


Battle: 10/10

Hunting: 5/10

Swimming: 3/10

Tracking: 4/10

Stealth/ Sneaking: 9/10

Climbing: 10/10

Physical Skill:Edit

Strength: 10/10

Weight: 4/10

Height: 5/10

Flexibility: 8/10

Balance: 9/10

Agility: 7/10

Reflexes: 10/10

Mental Ability:Edit

Leadership Ability: 9/10

Battle Tatics/ Strategy: 10/10

Observation: 8/10

Intelligance: 7/10

Cunning: 6/10

Social Ability: 10/10

Mentoring Ability: 5/10

Warrior Expierance: 0/10

Hunting Attributes:Edit

River Prey - 3/10

Woodland Prey - 10/10

Flying Prey - 7/10

Marshland Prey - 8/10

Mountain Prey - 1/10