Haru <3Edit

  • Haru IRL
  • Haru As A Kit IRL

Name- Haru

Gender- Female

Age- 27 moons (1 year and 3 months)

Weight- 10.7 pounds

Current Clan/Tribe/Pack- Bearclan

Friends- Mothpaw, Celtic, Ashscar, Flamescar, Sagepaw, Redflame, Zane, Spiderkit, Blackfrost, Scarletstar, Ivybreeze, Brightpath(Add yourself)

Foes- N/A


Nicknames- Harry :3

Theme song- [1]The Lonely by Christina Perri

AJ Username- xj0

AJCW Username- KayIsDaBest

Things About HaruEdit

Appearance- Dark black base coat with a dark grey underbelly and uniuqe lighter grey blobs all over

Scars- missing her right ear, multiple short, deep scars on her neck, back covered in long scars, paws covers in deep scars

Things she did to herself- She has clawed her paws in anger when she thought about her past

Personality- Depressed, angry, sometimes joyful and cheerful

Crushes- N/A

Wishes- To be forgiven by the people she treated wrong

Beliefs- Starclan

Family TreeEdit

Mother- Akane: a dark ginger base coat with a white underbelly and black stripes along her sides

Father- Ryo- A dark grey base coat with black blobs around his pelt

Tom sibling(s)- N/A

She-cat sibling(s)- Aiko- light grey base coat with dark grey striped along her sides

  • Akane IRL
  • Ryo IRL
  • Aiko

Life StoryEdit

Ever since Haru was born she was tossed around and teased. The only people who loved her were her siblings and parents. She never had the courage to tell her parents about the bullying, so she ingnored it. One day an older apprentice, close to his warrior test, came up to her and asked if she wanted to go on a walk. She said yes and trotted out of camp with the apprentice without being spotted. They traveled far, almost at the Thunder Path and the apprenticed stopped to rest. She asked a few questions about him and he answered. What is your name? Birdpaw. How many moons are you? Almost 13. Who is your mentor? Tashi. They talked for hours. Suddenly the apprentice rose and unsheathed his claws. Haru froze and watched the apprentice circle her. Birdpaw, attacked her, she was close to death. She managed to run and never went back, for if she did she would be questioned and most likely killed. She found a loner, Tori. Tori taught her many things at an early age. How to hunt, how to fight, how climb. Haru was skilled. By the time Haru reached her warrior age she left her shelter she had shared with Tori for many moons. She was attacked during her journey to find a home again. She gained more scars over the 5 moons she traveled. She found Bearclan and was taken in. She enjoyed it there. Plenty of places to be alone. Her life is continuing, but she still looks at the past.


  • She has never had an apprentice
  • She isn't the best at hunting
  • She once had killed a kit to survive
  • She claws herself at times to punish herself for the mistakes she made
  • She once didn't believe in Starclan
  • She someday wants to have a family
  • She has never tried robin
  • She has a stick friend
  • She dislikes mice
  • She sometimes plays mossball alone to remind her of her family
  • She enjoys being with people she knows well
  • She almost drowned