"Shadow may be clever and sneaky, but I am loyal and treat my felines with respect." -Harmony

General Information Edit

Name: Harmony.

Gender: She-Cat/Female.

Occupation: Leader of The Mystic Realm in the Religion of The Felines Of Aquatic Waters.

Followers: Over 700. (Her felines living in The Mystic Realm and the ones that follow her that are alive).

Appearance: Harmony is a beautiful, lithe, and mystical she-cat with a soft, snow white pelt. Her paws and tail is dipped in light brown. She has bright, yellow eyes and a white neon outline that surrounds her body. She has a long, fluffy tail and sharp claws.

Siblings: Shadow.

Personality Edit

Harmony is a brave, kind, and loyal she-cat that makes sure that Shadow doesn't lay a paw on her felines. She respects all of her followers and uses her power wisely. She is slightly fierce, despite her caring personality. She doesn't believe in punishments unless neccassary.

Followers (The Felines Of Aquatic Waters) Edit




Others, unofficially