Gurtroden is a 2.5 Ft tall, German Shepard, Great Dane mix,She has a sister, pebble of EC, a brother, boulder a rouge, and Rock, also a rouge. Gurtroden has dark green eyes, and a large scar across her muzzle. her collar with cat teeth, and kit's teeth, even if her sibling's are felines, she uses the teeth as a sign of strength, she has a friend frost, who she met very long ago. 

Theme song : none, but frost can add one if she wants

usage: rarely used

My story :3 Edit

On a cold night of Talvi (leaf bare), a pup was born, her mother curled around her. Gurtroden' s mother, tomogatchi, had a mate long ago, an German Shepard. the German-Shepard soon moved on to a younger feline, a jaguar, bore kit's that weren't his, but another tom's, but pretended to be the father of pebble, boulder and rock, Simply leaving her and her mother. Gurtroden grew older, learning how to do thing's when she was older. One day pebble came by, while Gurtroden was hunting , pebble killed her mother, when Gurtroden came back, seeing her mother limp, blood gushing everywhere, she thought killing cats would help her get revenge. sadly it did not, only causing hatred by the many cats she have seen, or tried to kill, luckily dawn, stopped her. But dawn left to join a clan with her mate. The miserable canine sat in the cold forest, grieving over her mother, then she met frost. The younger canine asked her, "would you like to join my pack?" Gurtroden said yes, grinning she asked the Canine, " what is your name" she replied, "frost, and you are? Are?"Gurtroden grined "I'm gurtroden, " She barked, happy to have a friend again. Though she never spoke of her 

mother, gurtroden still greaved over tomogatchi.( the society of vengeful claws is disbannned DX )

Dawn, the kit who changed it all (mathloco9898) Edit

Gurtroden smelled the air, she smelt a kit, ready for another meal she quietly walked towards it. She could taste the kit already, she stood in front of the sleeping kit, grinning. Gurtroden picked up the kit by her back, shaking the kit rapidly. The kit squeals "stop! Please!" Gurtroden didn't listen. She dropped the kit and steeped on her tail to keep her down. Gurtroden looked up, seeing a corpse at the tree the kit was laying next to. Gurtroden lpoked down at the kit, she was hungry for revenge, but knew how the kit felt. Gurtroden sat down, still holding the kit's tail. She asked,"Is... that your mother?" The kit nodded, tears streaming down her eyes. "A badger killed her and my sisters" the kit sobs,"now I'm going to die too" Gurtroden bent down and said in a shakey voice,"my mother died too, but you can't just give up on life, you need to keep trying," the kit says " who are you? And... will you be my friend?" Gurtroden grined,"I'm gurtroden. And yes I will. I promise never to eat cats again. What is your name?" The kit grins, "I'm dawn kit, but you can call me dawn now!" Gurtroden grinned, happy to meet dawn, and knowing that her life will change.