Well, this is a complete WIP. ;)

"Just your average apprentice. Don't expect anything special."

General Information Edit

Greypaw's your average cat- from everything to his name to the fact he prefers to stay out of main drama and'll hide in a corner if it means not having to be stuck in an awkward situation. He's twelve moons old, so almost a warrior. WIP ;)

Description and Personality Edit


Greypaw's your average-sized, grey cat with a darker main body, lighter underbelly and tail, and has some spotted markings. Greypaw has the standard amber eyes for cats, so he isn't a special snowflake. He'd rather jump into a pile of brambles than have to groom his fur or have anyone else do it, and is overly polite to those in high positions.

Relationships Edit

Mother: Deceased/Can't think of anything

Father: ^

Siblings: None.

Friends: Creamfur,

Kits/Mate: None at the moment

Gallery Edit

Nothing for now. Working on art ;)