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"I like to think when you are hurt, it's your bodies way of saying to stand up and fight"-Glidas

Gender and Species and Habitat Edit

Glidas is a female Diamondback Rattlesnake. She lives in Coral Canyons on the server Kama. Like most Diamondback Rattlesnakes she is very aggressive but enjoyed watching cats. Here favorite spot is in the Coral Canyons Pathway. Glidas also likes to hang out in TC. Many cats call her Stalker, Rattley, Mr. Snake, Fangs, and one even calls her Mr. Skinny Potato....

Family Tree Edit

Mother: (Killed by twoleg)

Father: Sunken

Siblings: Boulder, Viper, Shon, and Glidas.

Personality and Appearance Edit

Glidas is aggressive for her type but has a soft side. At first she is very shy, but don't judge her by her size. She loves to watch cats train and leap from the rocks but she fears they will get to close. She has diamond patterns, green eyes and sharp fangs. Theme Song: Stronger, What doesn't kill you

A few other things: I used the idea of being a snake after reading Anthrax's OC. I didn't want to copy but I think its an amazing idea.

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