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"Never give up, even in the darkest of times."- Froststar

Froststar Edit

Names: Frostkit, Frostpaw, Frostrose, Froststar

Species: Felis Catus

Breed: Turkish Angora Mix

Gender: Female/Shecat

Age: 28 moons

Clan: FieldClan

Rank: Leader

Family Edit

Mother: Shorttail(dead)

Father: Blazefur(dead)

Aunt(s): Yarrowheart(dead), Silverflower(dead), Cliffear(alive)

Uncle(s): Badgerfang(dead), Grayfeather(dead)

Cousin(s): None

Niece(s): None

Nephew(s): None

Sibling(s): None

Mate: Hillleap (dead)

Kit(s): None yet

Appearance Edit



Froststar is a small, delicate-looking, shecat with fluffy white fur. Her eyes are a bright sapphire color, and she has light silver lynx points.


Froststar at her finest


Froststar is very quiet and reserved. She is a strong, powerful, fearless cat in battle. She enjoys looking at the kits in the nursery, and likes playing with them. She can act very distant sometimes, but she is probably one of the most intelligent and creative cats you will meet.


  • quiet
  • VERY VERY skilled hunter
  • fast
  • mother-like
  • loyal
  • creative
  • intelligent
  • helpful
  • fearless
  • stargazing
  • swimming
  • climbing
  • hiding
  • distant
  • cold to enemies 

This cat has a very short and sweet page, DEAL WITH IT!



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