I'm A Warrior For Light! ~ForsakenHeart'


Name: Forsakenheart (formerly Forsaken)

Species: Felis Catus

Breed: Norwegian Forest Cat mix Tabby

Sex: Female/She-cat

Sexuality: Heterosexual ("Straight")

Age: 20 Moons

Past Mates: None

Current Mate: Falconmoon

Group/Clan: None

Father: Unknown

Mother: Unknown

Litter Mates: None

Kits: Tinykit (xxDewStonexx)and Crowkit

Theme Song:Birdy ~ Skinny Love

Birdy - Skinny Love Lyrics (HQ)03:19

Birdy - Skinny Love Lyrics (HQ)

Statistics Edit

General Stats: Edit


Strength - 8/10

Speed - 6/10

Endurance - 10/10

Accuracy - 9/10

Ability Stats: Edit


Battle - 7/10

Hunting - 6/10

Swimming - 9/10

Tracking - 10/10

Stealth/Sneaking - 9/10

Climbing - 10/10

Physical Stats: Edit


Bulk - 7/10

Weight - 6/10

Height - 8/10

Flexibility - 6/10

Balance - 7/10

Agility - 7/10

Reflexes - 10/10

Intellectual & Emotional Stats: Edit


Leadership Ability - 4/10

Battle Tactics/Strategy - 7/10

Observation - 9/10

Intelligence - 10/10

Cunning - 6/10

Focus - 7/10

Mental Strength - 6/10

Social Ability - 3/10

Mentoring Ability - 5/10

Warrior Experience - 10/10

Motherly Instinct - 0/10 (Prior To Forsaken's Bond With Her Mother)

Environmental Stats: Edit


River Prey - 5/10

Woodland Prey - 9/10

Flying Prey - 6/10

Marshland Prey - 6/10

Mountain Prey - 5/10

Appearance Edit

[CREDIT:Tinykit (xxRiverxx)]

[More Detailed]

Doll-Divine-Creation-wide.png yayyyy forsakenheart rocks

Birth Season: Greenleaf

Age: 20 moons

Breed: Norwegian Forest Cat

Size: Forsakenheart is a large she-cat with broad shoulders, her intimidating features scare most cats from ever talking to her, but that doesn't mean she is a mean cat

Brief Description: A large, fluffy grey tabby she-cat with a long feathery tail and yellow eyes.

Scars: N/A


◊ - - Forsakenheart's build is massive, but she's a speed demon behind all that fluff. Most of her prowess comes from her powerful legs. She is also fierce, but rather clumsy, known for tripping over her own paws on bad days.

Fur Color and Type: Forsakenheart's tabby pelt is both clearly striped and mottled with miscellaneous patches, making it rather interesting to look at. The base color of her coat is a light grey, which is colored over with darker grey stripes which run along her paws, tail, and back; as a contrast, her muzzle is white.

Her fur is very dense, and makes direct injuries difficult, but it tends to be very soft to the touch as well. The hairs themselves are very thin but numerous, and resemble a lion's mane in wildness. Because of the incredible length of her fur, it's sometimes quite a hassle to keep up with hygienically, so instead she chooses to let it go wild; as a result, it is quite dirty and has matted patches here and there.

Eyes: Her eyes are golden yellow with amber flecks in color, and an almond shape framed by long lashes.

Special Features: She has quite the long, fluffy tail which she uses to keep kits and other cats warm; it makes her a fantastic cuddler.

Scent: Besides having the usual forest musk of warriors like herself, her scent is strangely rusty.

Accessories: N/A


Personality Edit

ForsakenHeart is a lazy she-cat with small temperamental hints to her personality, she does not take goofing around lightly and has a strong sense of justice, her fierce attitude makes her a strong and intimidating type of cat. But like most cats, she has a soft spot. Her love for her family, and she will put her life on the line to keep them safe, even if her life is taken in the process.






-Goofing off

-Oblivious cats

-Idiocy in general (which everyone seems to have)


=Losing her Family




• If Forsakenheart manages to find a Clan, her inclination to dedication will make her a very loyal warrior.


• Forsakenheart has a soft spot for kits and young apprentices, and shows more kindness to them than the older members of her Clan.



• Due to her occasional bad attitude, Forsakenheart is hard to get close to in a open conversation.


• Forsakenheart's tendency to judge before seeing all sides makes her blind to the real problem sometimes, and gets the best of her.

Anger Issues

• When provoked excessively, Forsakenheart will burst out in a flurry of anger and start a fight with the cat who caused it.

History/Backstory Edit

Prologue: Forsakenheart's Beginning

Forsaken was born during the warm season of Greenleaf, but soon after her birth she was abandoned by her own kin, left to die alone. This led to her being named "Forsaken". Some kittypets and loners cared for her until she was old enough to fend for herself. With this kind of upbringing, she gained some bad habits and a nasty attitude; she didn't like anyone whatsoever, until she met a certain tom named Falcon.

Soon after they met, they were attacked by a band of rogues who gave Forsaken severe injuries. Luckily, Falcon used to be a medicine cat apprentice, so he tended to her wounds and comforted her. Their relationship blossomed, slowly but surely. Forsaken recovered from her wounds and they traveled together checking out new land and territory and snooping around Clans and other cats.

They first settled down in a clan called ScarClan and had Crow, but soon after ScarClan was disbanded, and they were forced to move.

They traveled far, and Crow grew weaker and weaker by the day, until they ran into a StormClan patrol with the leader Darkstar leading it. Forsaken didn't like Darkstar, but what choice did she have? Her kit was dying, and they were both starving and tired, so they joined StormClan. In StormClan, all the cats seemed simple-minded but Forsaken tolerated it and had another kit named Tinykit.

Tinykit and Crow (now Crowkit) both grew into fine apprentices, but Tinypaw was exiled, and wasn't allowed anywhere near their territory. Crow followed her. Forsaken was enraged at what Darkstar had done, so they left StormClan so they could stay together as a family. To this day, Forsakenheart is still searching for a Clan to call home forevermore.

Most Famous Sayings Edit

"Don't stick around a forsaken..."

"I am this way because of my past!"

"My silence is just another word for pain."

"We never lose friends, we simply learn who the real ones are."

"Am I alive, or just breathing?"'

Fun Facts Edit

•Forsakenheart has depression issues

•Doesn't know her parents names

♥Relations♥ Edit

♥Falconmoon(M)[WildWolves204]Mate/Loves/Cares Deeply For:

"Where can I start? Falconmoon has been with me for a long time, he has even seen my darkest times. Even when we broke up awhile back I still thought of him ♥ I couldn't let go of the feeling of never getting back together, I didn't really want another mate so I clung to the thought of never letting him go. Falconmoon is my everything, if I have never met him, I would be lost until now ♥ I love him so much."

♥Tinypaw(F)[xxDewStonexx]Blood Family/Loves/Cares For:

"My second kit, I love her a lot ♥ I won't let anyone harm her. She may be going through a tough war right now, but I will always be on her side, I will always choose family before Clan. I don't know what me and Falconmoon did to get such a good kit to be part of our blood line, but either way I will always be there, even in StarClan."

♥Crowpaw(M)[Animalsrule928]Blood Family/Loves/Cares For:

"I feel I haven't seen my first kit in forever, I still love him and will always be there for him like Tinypaw. They are my everything. Crowpaw is growing so fast and it is very sad to watch, but at the same time it makes me proud that I have 2 healthy growing kits to continue the family and the next generation, I will always be watching over my whole family, even in StarClan."

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