Flickerfrost, Elite Warrior of BearClan Edit

"Things only look up from down below."

Flickerfrost is as solemn as they come. Or so, she likes to think. She's quiet, stoic, and can get along just fine on her own. But despite her silence, and seeming independence, she really is quite needy. Though she doesn't like to admit it, she does need the company of others to make her feel safe. Flickerfrost likes, or rather, needs to be reassured that she is wanted and or needed within her Clan.

An American Shorthair-American Longhair mix, she isn't that big, and does not have much faith in her fighting skills. She always puts out her best effort, though she can try a bit too hard, and only get in the way of herself. She is not that big on sparring, but she will, if pushed, or (very rarely) in the mood to do so.

Her lack of confidence sometimes effects her hunting performance, as well as her mentoring. She is willing to mentor, of course, but is constantly worried about whether she is teaching correctly, or if her apprentice is getting bored of her. Her hunting is about average, but if she is feeling irritated, or upset, she can easily be distracted. Flickerfrost is also terrified of somehow being replaced, hence why she puts so much effort into nearly everything she does. She is afraid of not being good enough for her Clan. But, regardless of her seeming lack of fighting spirit and hunting ability, as well as confidence, she is excellent at leaping and tree-climbing, which means she has reasonable amount of leg strength.

Through all of this, Flickerfrost is usually very even-tempered and friendly. She is welcoming of others' company, and can make friends without too much of a problem. It does not take too long for her to fully trust a cat, but, if that trust is shattered, she will not forgive easily, and it will take some time to gain that trust back. Even so, with her trusting and calm appearance, Flickerfrost can become very angry if you provoke her enough. She is very defensive, not only of her Clan, but of herself. Sometimes she takes herself much too seriously, and does not really enjoy being teased, unless by those she knows would never spite her.

All in all, she's respectful, friendly, quiet, and tries her best to serve her Clan.

Appearance Edit

Flickerfrost is a light-gray tabby, with black stripes, and a dull shade of tan for an underbelly. She has light yellow eyes that usually hold an indifferent look, though not apathetic. Her fur is relatively soft, and a bit fluffy. If it is humid, her pelt tends to puff out a bit. She can blend in pretty well with the grays and blacks of the Woodlands, however, she tends to stick out a tad in the Red Valley. Her fur is very comfortable during leaf-bare (winter), however in greenleaf (summer), her coat can be somewhat hot, leaving her in a state of discomfort. Despite this, though, (and as silly as it sounds) Flickerfrost really likes her kind-of-poofy fur.


Flickerfrost Ref


Flickerfrost in AJ

Flickerfrost V. 2

Real-life Image of Flickerfrost

Other Details Edit

  • She/her pronouns
  • She is Graysexual
  • She's very loyal; or at least, tries to be
  • She loves seeing her friends/Clan happy
  • Doesn't cut herself enough slack, to be honest
  • She loves overcast weather, though hates thunderstorms
  • Loves snow
  • Hates swimming
  • Loves tree-climbing
  • Likes mice more than any other prey
  • Hates mud
  • Worrier
  • Listens more than she talks
  • Thinks a lot
  • Hates it when others worry about her
  • She's very humble
  • Tries her best

History Edit

Flickerpaw trotted just behind her mentor, a cat named Sageleaf. It was a misty, damp morning in the Woodlands, and there was a slight chill in the air. Leaf-fall was just beginning, and already, it was bringing its usual glumness of rain and cold. However, despite this, Flickerpaw had a slight bounce in her step. It had been a while since she and Sageleaf had gone out on their own, without anyone with them, and she was a bit excited. Granted, her mentor had taken her out hunting in the early hours of the day, but they were heading for the training clearing this time. Maybe she'll test my tree-climbing- or no, wait! Jumping. I've always been good at leaping for owls. Or maybe just hunting in general-

"We'll be sparring." Sageleaf meowed, with her typical tone of thin coldness.

Flickerpaw halted, her ears twitching in sudden apprehension. She felt her heart plummet as soon as the words left her mentor's mouth. Well... We both know I need work. Yeah, I think I'll be good this time! The little tabby apprentice felt her chest swell. Silence ensued as the two felines traveled along a familiar path, trodden by many generations of cats before them. Soon, a wide clearing opened up, free of mist. Thorny bushes surrounded the open space, an trees loomed up behind the thistles, their branches swaying. Sageleaf flicked her dark tail toward one end of the clearing, while she went on to pad to the opposite end.

Swallowing, Flickerpaw walked toward the area her mentor had indicated, then turned to face the black she-cat, whose light green eyes glowered at her. The spurt of inspiration drained from her body as Flickerpaw stared into her sneering gaze, and the apprentice braced herself, preparing for the first explosion of pain, the first shriek that would uncontrollably arise from her chest-

"You can have the first attack," Sageleaf informed dryly, as if that had been obvious before. Flickerpaw's narrowed eyes widened, and she quickly nodded.

Sending a quick prayer to StarClan, it began.

Flickerpaw lunged at Sageleaf, claws outstretched, her eyes light-yellow slits as she concentrated. A tiny laugh escaped her mentor's jaws, and her eyes took on a smug look. Sageleaf quickly side-stepped her puny attack, and Flickerpaw noticed an ebony paw flash out. Claws raked her flank as Flickerpaw flew by, and blood spurted from the scratches, dotting the green blades of grass in crimson droplets. A screech bubbled at her jaws, and tears welled in the very corners of her eyes, but Flickerpaw bit her lip, and blinked rapidly. She refused show her mentor signs of weakness.

As Flickerpaw skidded to a slow halt, she gasped. The wound on her side burned furiously, and her legs were already trembling. Not just in pain, or humiliation, but fear.

"Come on! Is that all you can do? I taught you better than that!" Sageleaf yowled angrily, before launching herself at the shaking apprentice. Flickerpaw felt the breath driven from her body as Sageleaf landed on top of her. The small tabby immediately crumbled beneath the Elite Warriors' weight, and the overwhelming terror that was quickly engulfing her flashed in her eyes. Sageleaf saw, and dug her claws into Flickerpaw's chest, her gaze glittering in rage. "Afraid? Pathetic!" Her mentor hissed.

Flickerpaw shut her eyes. Her breathing was ragged. She was bleeding. She was scared out of her mind. I can't...! The cry was threatening to jump out of her mouth. "Do something!" Sageleaf snarled. But her voice sounded distant, and hazy. Flickerpaw was writhing in a sea of darkness. She felt numb in her mind's abyss of horror. But suddenly, as her struggling began to weaken, something flickered in front of her vision. It was white, yet it was red. And it glowed with all the frostiness of winter. It's flickering grew brighter, and brighter- and it whispered something to her.

"I've never been one for violence."

Flickerpaw's yellow eyes shot open. With a yell of fury, she lurched upward, and swiped her claws just below Sageleaf's eye. Blood exploded from the gash on her cheek, and spattered upon Flickerpaw's muzzle. Sageleaf screeched, and stumbled off of her, shaking her head madly. Yowling like a crazed fox, Flickerpaw leaped to her paws, and not a second later, was hurtling toward her dark-furred mentor, lips drawn back, ears flat against her skull, and claws outstretched.

She bowled into the bigger she-cat's chest without hesitation, and slashed at her left shoulder with both forepaws. They both tumbled to the grass, and soon, they were both in a mangled up ball of whirling fur, as their teeth glinted and claws flashed in rapid movement.

Sageleaf buried her fangs into Flickerpaw's hind leg. Flickerpaw shrieked and whipped around, catching her mentor's tail in her jaws. She bit down, and scored her claws deeply down her spine. Sageleaf yowled, freeing the apprentice's leg. Flickerpaw released her mentor's tail and stumbled backward, panting. They were both bleeding terribly, and they're usual sleek coats were torn, ruffled, and blood-stained. The two faced each other, breathing hard, pupils dilated into angry black slits.

But as Sageleaf looked into Flickerpaw's eyes, she shivered. The look of calm that usually pooled into Flickerpaw's sunlit eyes was gone. That steady frown and willing attitude evaporated. Only the reflection of spilled blood shone into her eyes, turning them red.

"Enough." Sageleaf coughed out, shaking her head impatiently. The scratches beneath her eye was still oozing blood, and her body ached with wounds and tiredness. At the order, Flickerpaw blinked. The bloodlust was gone, Sageleaf noticed with relief, but the expression that now lingered in her apprentice was a look of pure frost.

Flickerpaw limped forward. Sageleaf stood stock-still as her apprentice approached, once they were about two mouse-lengths apart, Flickerpaw halted, and stared up at her mentor. "Good enough?" She murmured softly, but there was no gentleness in her tone.

Sageleaf slowly nodded. Suddenly, the bushes at the far edge of the clearing rustled, and a powerful tom emerged, his gaze solemn and calm. Flickerpaw instantly recognized Pythonstar, and she glanced at her mentor. She knew what this meant. So that's why Sageleaf dragged me off to hunt earlier.

Sageleaf was shocked to find no excitement in Flickerpaw's gaze, or even the slightest bit of happiness. Only indifference remained in her yellow eyes.

The look between mentor and apprentice was broken when Pythonstar reached them both. He nodded to Sageleaf. "Are you satisfied with Flickerpaw's preformance as an apprentice, and do you believe that she is ready to take on the duties and responsibilities of a Warrior?" He asked coolly. "I am, and I do believe so." She responded respectfully. Pythonstar then turned his gaze to Flickerpaw, who stared back.

"Flickerpaw, what do you wish your Warrior name to be?" He asked. Though the leader's eyes kept that calm expression, his voice was warm, and happy.

Flickerpaw thought for a moment. Suddenly then, her eyes flashed coldly. Her claws subconsciously unsheathed, and she stared at Pythonstar with a withering look of conviction and coldness.

"Flickerfrost. I wish for my name to be Flickerfrost."

Pythonstar gazed at her, before nodding. "Very well. Come, let us go to camp. We'll hold the ceremony soon." He whisked around, and lead the two cats out of the clearing.

As Flickerpaw, soon to be Flickerfrost, limped away from the scarlet-stained clearing, Sageleaf walked up beside her, and glanced at her with stone-like eyes. "So. Do you like fighting now?" She asked, in a particularly sharp tone, while her tail twitched.

Flickerpaw stared down at her mottled paws of red, and she felt the intensity of the wounds on her body. A moment of silence passed, before she looked up. Her eyes still remained indifferent, but the calm aura returned to her spirit, and a small smile pulled at the corners of her mouth.

"No. I have never been one for violence."

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