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Finch is a loner turned warrior who was raised in Mt. Shiveer and wandered the world for the early half of his life. Seeking shelter among the ranks of a clan or pack, he stumbled upon Dawn advocating for members in the forest. Intrigued, he entered the camp and became a loyal member of Forgotten Memories. He worked his way through the ranks but ended up leaving the pack after it began to fall apart. He has recently joined Tornclan. Though he is fairly strong physically and very intelligent, he is highly susceptible to ridicule from his peers. He's quiet and vulnerable when it comes to emotions, but he's no pushover when his clanmates are on the battlefield. He prioritizes words and reason over tooth and claw. Finch has strong relations with the following cats:

Lightning (Mate)

Dawn (Former leader)

Satzu (My Holy God thats sexy) [,m, pls stop]

Chaos (The bestest friend in existence, the universe, and beyond. Fantabulously awesome and bootiful.) [ok chaos, whatever you say]

Madeon - OK (Audio)03:02

Madeon - OK (Audio)