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Character Info- Edit

Name: Feverstar

Species: Felis Catus

Age: 36 moons (3.5 years)

Gender: Tom-cat

Packs or Clans- === Clan/Pack/Tribe: Cryptclan, current leader.

Relations- === Mate: Fallensong (Versinity)

Kits: TBA

Father: Ravenswift ( deceased )

Mother: Grouseheart ( deceased )

Siblings: TBA

Friends: He lives within his clan, meaning no time for outside relations.

Traits- === Personality: Stoic, he is known to hold his family before his clan, tough, will not hesitate from killing those whom trash or steal from his clan.

Pros: tough, inquisitive, waits for enemy to make the first move.

Cons: His lack of kindness is known to be scary,

Stories- === History: TBA