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Even humanity's strongest soldier couldn't save the one he loved

Description Edit

OC: Fatal
Old: None
Current: None
Current Rank: Loner
Last Rank: Loner
Mother: Shard
Father(s): Blade
Siblings: Coal and Shade
Mate(s): Kurisutaru
Kits: Flower and Crimson
Mentor(s): None
Apprentice(s): Flower and Crimson
Age: 26 moons
Status (Living/Dead): Living
Roleplay Info
Roleplayer: Unknown

Fatal has a rust-red pelt with black like burns on his face, ears and paws. He has long white whiskers and a white chin also a white chest. He has these sea foam rather light green eyes that have a small hint of blue within them. He has a long short haired tail and flank. Has a slender and muscular frame. His claws and thin and hooked like, he also has rather sharp fangs.

Backstory Edit

Fatal was the youngest out of his littermates. His father, Blade, never saw Fatal as a true or great warrior, Fatal was skinny and quiet through his kitten and apprenticehood. He was often beaten up by his older brothers, Coal and Shade. As Fatal reached Adulthood he separated with his family and lived in a small den like cave on his own.

Fatal then bumped into a she-cat named Kurisutaru. As they both got to know each other they became mates and had two kits Flower and Crimson. As the family grew a unknown clan attacked the family in their slumber. Fatal fought until his mate and kits were killed. His family was destroyed, to this day does Fatal have a burning rage of every clan and is hostile to every feline. It is rare that Fatal will show weakness to another feline.

Kin Edit

Mother: Shard-Status-(Unknown)

Father: Blade-Status-(Unknown)

Brother(s): Coal and Shade-Status-(Unknown)

Sister(s): None

Mate: Kurisutaru-Status-(Deceased)

Kit(s): Flower and Crimson-Status-(Deceased)

Personality Edit

»  Independent

»  Brave

»  Protective

»  Hostile

»  Daring

Info Edit

Name: Fatal

Rank: Loner

Status: Alive

Theme Song(s): It Has Begun-Starset/ Narnia-The Battle Song / Beating Heart- Ellie Goulding

Mate: Single

Kits: None

Clan/Pack/Tribe: None

User: 42407