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Name: Falcon

Age of moons: 25 (currently)

Gender: Male

Pelt color: A dark brown-red and black tom. Grey orbs.

Personality: Harsh sometimes, Quiet, Respectful most of the times, Adventurous

Fears: Dogs, The K word

(I'll draw a picture of him later or ask someone to draw him .-.)

The K word

A while ago, When Falcon 'Unalived' his father in revenge, He had trouble with hearing and saying "The K Word". Ever since then, The K word brought him memories of his father and the murder of him. His mind then eventually taught him that the K word is a horrid word that should never be spoken from another mouth. It may seem kinda funny but in his mind, it just brings back the memory of death and his father.

His life's story

Half of his life as a rogue, He was treated like fox-dung from his father, Fang. Fang killed his mother in an argument, Falcon wasn't aware of it so Fang blamed it on wild dogs. Falcon was the only kit and was quite tiny and scrawny. Fang wasn't the Father-type of guy. He wasn't a fan of kits either. Fang eventually disowned Falcon and left him to survive on his own. Left with nothing, Falcon was angered by this and wanted to have revenge on him. A loner then took him in as her 'Lil' Buddy' and there he stayed for about 4 moons until he was about 7 moons old. He decided he didn't have to stay with the loner anymore so he left to survive on his own. Eventually joined Thunderclan.

(I'll write a fanfic about him later)

-The Falconstar

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