Name: Edit

  • FalconKit
  • Falcon: Due to the desire of her being so happy and free, soaring through the sky like a falcon. Her pelt is also layered and fluffy
  • Kit: Suffix For a kit

Possible Warrior Names: Edit

  • FalconWing
  • FalconFeather
  • FalconTalon
  • FalconSoar
  • FalconHeart

Past Names: Edit

Thunderkit: Her Dark Grey pelt resembled the same match to Thunder. Her Father, Coalfur, wanted to give her a more kinder name; also wanting to name her. Therefore, he named her Falconkit

Nicknames: Edit

  • Falc- {Everyone}
  • Falcony {Cloudkit}
  • Mousebrain {Shadowkit}

Gender: Edit

  • She-kit

Clan: Edit

  • BearClan

Rank: Edit

  • Kit Apprentice Warrior Elder Queen Deputy

Mentor: Edit

  • She's to young at the moment to have a mentor. {Would want to have to have Tigertooth as mentor}

Apprentice: Edit

  • She's way to young {N/A}

Birth Season: Edit

  • Leaf Bare

{Her and her Twin Sister was both born at the same time and day in Leafbare }

Age: Edit

  • New Born

Breed: Edit

  • 5% Turkish Van, 35% Mainecoon, 25% Laperm, 10% Tabby and 25% Russian Blue

Size: Edit

  • Falconkit isn't the biggest out of her siblings; but she isn't the tiniest either. She's pretty small compared to the other kits- but she is bigger then her sister- Cloudkit. She doesn't let her lack in size get her down and she isn't afraid to fight cat's bigger then her. Her strength makes up for it.

Brief Description: Edit

  • Medium Sized- She-kit with a dark stormy grey pelt and black splotches along her pelt. Her front left paw is black along with her left back foot. Her grey ears are tipped with black and her under belly and chest is matched with black as well. Her eyes are a icy blue narrowed eyes

Scars: Edit

  • N/A {Even though she does play rough-- Might causing her to get some by accident }

Body: Edit

  • Her body is very small and narrow- but her dark grey and black pelt is super fluffy. She has a high endurance along with the strength that was gained from her father. She is very narrow unlike her sister's who are round and built for endurance. Falconkit is individually built for strength and speed.

Fur Texture/ Fur Length/ Fur Color: Edit

  • Falconkit's fur is very fluffy and puffy- kind of like a huge teddy bear or cotton ball. She isn't very round shaped or thick though, her body being built for strength and speed. Her fur is tainted in a dark grey and black just like her father's{CoalFur} pelt; but the dappled texture from her mother.
  • Her length of her fur varies from the type of weather. It grows to be very thick in the winter- and super short in the summer. She prefers to keep her pelt long and fluffy since it allows her to look like her sister- Cloudkit- Who she admires. Her black splotches cover every single ounce of her pelt about

Eyes: Edit

  • Her eyes are a piercing frosty-baby blue color- which was inherited from her father. Her twin sister has the same eye texture as well. Her eyes always seem to appear to be narrowed in a glare even though she isn't making her seem very intimidating

Body Type: Edit

  • She's very fluffy and narrow at the moment- and very medium sized

Special Features: Edit

  • Unlike her siblings; Her front left & Back left foot are both black beside her right two paws. Her fur covers her eyes a little and she has stripes underneath her right eye {Three tabby stripes}

Accessories: Edit

  • None-- Even though she loves messing with fluffy feathers and clovers

Personality: Edit

  • {Kind} {Open} {Hard-Headed} {Playful} {Secretive}

Traits/ Breakdown: Edit

  • {Kind}: She might seem very hyper and excited all the time; but it's because she gets so excited of meeting people and making new friends. She might seem like a cat that'd shut you out; but she's far from that. She's very good at making friends even though she might have a sharp attitude at first.She hates seeing people she care's about sad and upset, even if she doesn't know what/why they are.
  • {Open}: Like I said before-- She's the easiest person to get along with. She never judges anyone unless you judge her first.She doesn't really trust people deep down but she thinks it's always good at giving people a chance. She doesn't have a filter so it might take a while to adjust to her since she has such a open and bubbly personality. Don't get on her bad side, she will change her attitude quick
  • {Hard-Headed}: Oh yes.. Falconkit is probably the most hard headed kit in the whole entire clan. She can be super disobedient at times and do whatever she wants. She is pretty determined when she wants to do something and she won't take no or failure as a answer. Her hard headed trait can be seen as a good or bad thing but, which makes her learn things the hard way at most times now.
  • {Playful}: At this age; it's normal for kits to love playing. She is always playing some type of game or she is always joking with anyone. She prefers to stick with a group of friends to lighten up her mood and the atmosphere. She is the type of person to try and make others laugh and smile by picking on someone -playfully- or just telling jokes. Of course she loves to play fight to! She loves to win alot.
  • {Secretive}: She's not the best about being open about her feelings. She prefers to keep things to herself. Many thing's run through Falconkit's but she always remains quiet. Her muted trait seems to be so she doesn't effect others. She is pretty good at keeping her feeling and emotions deep inside her. Even if she develops feelings for someone-- She might never tell them unless she thinks so.

Family: Edit

  • Mother: DappledStream -- Living--
  • {Jet Black Fae with orange calico splotches along her pelt. She is suited with a dark-light brown underbelly and a orange right paw with orange tipped ears. Her eyes are a pretty light grey color}
  • Father: CoalFur --Living--
  • {Jet Black Tom with dark grey tabby stripes along his full flank. His under belly is matched with the same shade of grey along with dabbed on his chest. All four paws are a dark grey-- and his eyes are a frosty-frozen icy blue color}
  • Siblings: Cloudkit (F), Suzume (F), Cherrykit (F), Petalkit (F), Mythkit (F)

{Cloudkit}: Stormy Dark Grey She Kit with black splotches along pelt and flank. She has black paws and black tipped ears as well as a black under belly. Her pelt is super thick and fluffy; and she has bright frosty-icy blue eyes --- Living--

{Suzume}: A small tortoiseshell she cat with orange splotches along her flank and pelt. She has orange tipped ears and a left orange paw as well. Her eyes a piercing yellow-sunny color. -- Living--

{Cherrykit}; A ginger she-kit with brighter and lighter ginger splotches along her pelt. Her front left mitt is a bright ginger tainted color along with her ears. Her eyes are a bright leafy green color --Living--

{Petalkit}: A creme-bright white colored she-kit with splotches of dark grey along her entire pelt. Her ears are tipped with dark grey, and her front right paw is the same shade of grey. Her under belly is a pure white color as well as her eyes being a dark green emerald color -- Living--

{Mythkit}: A Jet- Black She Cat with dark storm grey splotches along her pelt. Her ears are tipped in grey as well as both front paws. Her tail tipped is dabbed with the same grey even though her eyes are a light sea blue color -- Living--

  • Uncle: TigerTooth --- Living--

{A Jet Black Tom With A tortoiseshell pelt and orange splotches along his pelt. His ears are orange along with his front left paw and back paw as well. His under belly is a bright snowy white color and it grasps the tip of his tail. His eyes are a dark forest green color}

  • Aunt: RoseStar -- Living--

{A Creme-Snowy White She-Cat with white crescent shaped pattern along her entire pelt and flank. Her under belly is tainted a dark red color as well as the red falling along her paws. She even has a red tipped tail as well. Her eyes are a deep yellow burning color}

Attraction To: Edit

  • Spider Ears

{ She think's his personality is very cute and adorable. She is shy around him because she wants to figure him out. She has a warrior crush~~ Cute right?}

  • Nightmare

{ He's a canine but she can't help but having a liking for him. She doesn't like him because she wants him with her friend Featherkit}

Crushes: Edit

  • Shadowkit

{ A Snowy White Tom with dark storm grey ears as well as his paws being the same shade of grey. Crescent Moon like patterns are visible along his full pelt as well. His eyes are a dark purple-grey tainted color }

  • Akistu

{ A Dark Russet Brown Tom with a black under belly and a tipped tail. His eyes are unusual dark red color}

Dating: Edit

  • She's way to young; But she hopes to get with one of her crushes soon

EX: Edit

  • She hasn't even had a mate yet-- To young of a age

Mate: Edit

  • Nobody-- But she hopes her and Shadowkit will get together in the future x3

Kits: Edit

  • She's a kit herself-- But if she was to ever have kits; She wants two {One boy and One Girl}

Orientation: Edit

  • Straight

Likes: Edit

  • Funny
  • Kind
  • Brave

Dislikes: Edit

  • Sugar Coating (( Lie About the truth about something))
  • Ego
  • Unfaithful

Shippings: Edit

  • Shadowkit X Falconkit { Hollow- Cloud- Sky}
  • Nightmare X Falcon { Mythkit- Cloudkit- Petal }
  • Spiderear X Falcon { Hollow- Tiger}
  • Akistu X Falcon { Cloud }

Theme Song: Edit

  • Sassy: Kat Graham: Twin Song { Falconkit & Cloudkit }
  • New Way To Bleed- Evanescence

Kit Life: Edit

  • In progress..

Apprentice Life: Edit

  • In Progress...

Warrior Life: Edit

  • In Progress

Tatics: Edit

-- May Change Over Time--