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Life is such unutterable hell, solely because it is sometimes beautiful. If we could only be miserable all the time, if there could be no such things as love or beauty or faith or hope, if I could be absolutely certain that my love would never be returned, how much more simple life would be.
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☬ Status ☬ Inactive

☬ Name ☬ Fade

☬ Nickname(s) ☬ Fadey

☬ Sex ☬ Female

☬ Age ☬ 21 moons

☬ Species ☬ Doberman

☬ Sexuality ☬ Bi-sexual

☬ Occupation ☬ Rogue

☬ Past Inhabitants ☬ Hounds Of Odious, The Hounds of Demented Howls

☬ Main Themesong ☬

Holy - PVRIS

☬ Themesongs ☬

Tag You're It - Melanie Martinez

Animal Impulses - IAMX

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☬ Mate ☬ Nikita

☬ Former Mate(s) ☬ Ady

☬ Crush ☬ Kaneki

☬ Parents ☬ Deceased

☬ Grand Parents ☬ Deceased

☬ Siblings ☬ Aila(F) & Hazel (F)

☬ Cousins ☬ Mace(M)

☬ Nieces and Nephews ☬ N/A

☬ Offspring ☬ N/A
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☬ Trinominal Name ☬ Canis lupus familiaris

☬ Kingdom ☬ Animalia

☬ Phylum ☬ Chordata

☬ Class ☬ Mammalia

☬ Order ☬ Carnivora

☬ Family ☬ Canidae

☬ Genus ☬ Canis

☬ Species ☬ C. lupus

☬ Subspecies ☬ C. I. familiaris

☬ Higher Classification ☬ Doberman Pinscher
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Fade possesses an ebony coating with a sepia under coating. She obtains dark sanguine eyes, a docked tail and cropped ears. She weighs 76 lbs and is 27 inches in height. Fade is known to be quite rude, but she usually tones it down around those she knows. If she does not know the person, she can/will be very rude to them. She is merciless, violent and cruel. She acts like this most of the time, but still withholds her friendliness. She attacks others for the fun of it and mouths off. Fade cares deeply for those she loves, and will cross her own boundaries and comfort to protect and support them. She speaks up for what's right, no matter the consequences.She is capable of going on her own, and doesn't prefer social settings - a little alone time with nature is more satisfying. Despite this, she is open around her friends.
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Fade loves violence, and to be violent. Without violence, to her, nothing is fun, everything is boring. Violence gives her something she can use for fun, to entertain herself when needed. She loves her friends. She will stick up for them at all times if she believes what they did, or said is okay, Fade enjoys beign alone. It helps her calm down, get rid of stress. Evenings are an enjoyment to her. It gets breezy, the sun starts to go down, the weather cools down. She likes it that way. Fade loves dark places. Anything shadey or pitch is where you will find her sitting. She isn't a big fan of sitting somewhere where she will be noticable.
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Fade hates being in huge crowds. Crowds make it harder for her to move around, yet alone hear anything someone says to her. she hates strangers. Especially the ones who try to instantly become her friend. It annoys her when people think that shes a friendly dog, who is open to being friends with some random person that just happened to talk to her. Fade hates the cold. In winter she has to deal with snow, and practically cold weather against her short flank
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Fade can be powerful. Her lethal jaws and strength do her well in battles of any sort. She is loyal to her current grouping, and doesn't plan leaving it any time soon.WIP
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Fade is quite rude. It often gets her into arguments or fights, but, she enjoys some of the outcome if its with someone she hates. She will stand up for what she believes is right, no matter what other people think. Her actions in fighting for what is right often gets her into trouble. Although she tends to continue to go with that she believes, no matter what others think,yet alone do about it. Fade is bad at making friends. She is quite snappy to those she just meets.
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