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Relations Edit

Father: Oakwhisker

Mother: Morningdawn

Brother: Heavykit

Sister: Maplekit

Clan: ThunderClan/EclipseClan

Appearance Edit

Very light blue eyes, black and red-striped pelt, and white underbelly.

Personality Edit

Peaceful, wise, friendly, honest, brave, confident, and daring. If any cat challenged her of a dare, Eclipsestar would not back down. Her spirit and pride lifted her up. No cat could ever mess with her.


In the midst of a heated battle, at where there was supposed to be a Gathering, a small kit named Eclipsekit was born. Three full-grown cats loomed over her and her littermates. The black tom had ugly scars across his pelt. He lunged for Oakwhisker, growling. When he landed, he placed his claws in Oakwhisker's neck, not uttering a word. Oakwhisker tried to bat his claws at the black tom, But he just clawed his neck killing Oakwhisker. Eclipsekit turned to her littermates, who were shaking with fear. The black tom batted at Maplekit who was struggling to fight back. Heavykit tried to help his sister, but the black tom told him he had to watch. The black tom quickly killed Maplekit dealing the death blow to her neck. He leaped for Heavykit, who was struggling to pad away, and he landed on his underbelly leaping off toward his neck. The black tom clawed Heavykit hard on his neck killing him as well. A strange she-cat padded to Eclipsekit. She told her to run, even if it meant risking her life.