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Follow your dreams, because if you don't, you will lose them....

Theme Song Edit


Dream's look.

☆Buy the Stars - Hollyleaf & Ivypool - Warriors MAP☆04:50

☆Buy the Stars - Hollyleaf & Ivypool - Warriors MAP☆

Dream's Appearance Edit

Pelt: black and dark-gray with white stripes.

Eyes: Icy dark blue

Claws: Unusually long, and extra-sharp.

Paws: One is white with an ugly red scar stripped across it.

Dream's Bio Edit

Born in a blizzard in the chilly and snowy mountains, Dream soon discovered that her parents were dead. Knowing that she was the only surviving cat in her family, Dream padded off into the forest. On that same day, Dream saw a black and dark-gray she-cat with many red, ugly, scars stripped across her pelt forming stripes. Dream looked confused at first, but then she discovered that it was another kit. Soon, after their conversation of what had happened during their birth, Stormkit and Dream soon became friends. Even after Stormkit left to continue on her travels, Dream knew she was lucky to at least have a friend. 

Dream's Relations Edit

All that is really known about Dream in her relations is her friends. 

Father: ???

Mother: ???

Brother: ???

Sister: ???

Mate: ???

Kits: Ebony,

Friends: Eclipsestar, Zira, River, and Quiet. 

Dream's Personality Edit

Confident, Brave, full of courage, Peaceful, and Demanding, and sly. Dream's slyness has gotten her out of trouble time and time again. Dream's confidence allows her to not back down. Her courage has given her strength to defeat her enemies who thought they were stronger than her.  Her peacefulness allows her to be able to not be the cat causing bloodshed and battles. 

Dream's Strengths and FlawsEdit


  • Dream knows when she's in danger before the attacker can fight. 
  • Dream would have made a natural leader.
  • Dream's natural instinct when it comes to quarrels would be that she'd rather fight with words over teeth and claws. 


  • Dream is very demanding and can be known as a rude cat. 
  • Dream has a sharp tone and if she's mad, you would not want to stick around!
  • Dream is very self-conscious of what she's doing around others. 

Dream's Likes and DislikesEdit


  • Dream enjoys having fun with her friends around to help her out.
  • Dream likes being alone alot, Especially while she's eating.
  • Dream likes to see kits happily roaming the forest not being threatened by a dangerous animal.


  • Dream hates kittypets whenever she sees them, so she would find a way to get revenge on one twicefold if he/she were to attack her.
  • Dream EXTREMELY HATES liars. She can easily tell when someone lies. 
  • Dream hates keeping secrets and gossip and rumors.

Other Information Edit

Belief: Skyism

Goal: To live in peace and have a long life as a rogue.

Height:  About 13 inches. (Note: These are both very accurate because i looked them up on the internet).

Weight: 6.9 pounds. (due to large lack of prey).

Clan/Pack/Tribe: None.

Status: Rogue. 

Habitat: Forest.


If you have any questions about Dream at all, PLEASE post it in the comments and i will get back to you as soon as possible.