Name: Diesel

Owner's Username: Webkins927

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Sex: Female

Age: 15 Moons

Breed: Doberman Pinscher

Affliction: The Obliterated

Description: An abnormal colored Doberman Pinscher with Light Brown overcoat, and a Black Underbelly and hind paws. Her Eyes are multicolored, one is a Sea Blue, the other is Lime Green. Her Lime green eye has a thick scar running through it, which missed her pupil, so she is still able to see.

Personality: Diesel is young, and slightly rambunctious. Her dream is to be the strongest she can be. Although she is rude, her superiors are nothing to mess with. One of her favorite activities is to watch the unworthy suffer. This Corrupt hound has barely a fragment of light within her.

Backstory: Because she is younger, her backstory is a bit short. Born in a litter of puppies, Diesel was one of 5. When someone adopted her, she felt excited. Being picked up, she squirmed from their grasp. Darting off in the direction she thought was their home, she was quickly corrected. Instead, Diesel found a forest. She has been Adventuring to this day.

What happened to Her Eye: Without any protection in the woods, she was vulnerable. With no hesitation, a badger slashed at her, getting her eye. With the help of a loner, she has a healed eye. To this day Diesel can never forget the generosity of the Loner.


Speed : 8/10

Swimming: 5/10

Strength: 9/10

Agility: 7/10

Mercy: 4/10

Aggression: 10/10

Passive: 1/10