Demon ( On AJ, Halo )

Rank: Pup

Pack: The Echoing Forest

Parents: Xavier and Xilan


Description: Very light brown top coat and a lighter under belly, light grey leaf shapes spreading around her pelt, and unusual very light yellow eyes, small paws, and a very strong looking frame, slick tail, and a cold stare, breathing is hard for her, she is not easy to get pinned, her attacks are fast, and her look most comes from her father

Personatily: Demon, unlike her name, is very loving and caring to those who know her on the inside, but to those who she dislikes, she will slaughter them, and she loves it. Her main color is light brown, which she has always been a fan of, but in battle, though shes never been into it, her eyes change, to a dark bloody sign, to show her anger, and sadness blowing off onto her foes, she never gives up, and always has a stand to a bigger opponent. Her most strength comes from her mother, which she blows of the steam of sadness from her father when he died. Whenever she would hunt, she is very quiet, and slow to her prey, but when it comes to the killing part, blood is stained all on her pelt. She has never shown her worst side. Whenever Demon is attacked, her hatred part shows, like on day, in camp, she was talking to her mom, when Chaos's pup hurt her, she turned and almost killed her. She doesn't regret that day. Demon has a light sided mind, she loves to be alone, sit in darkness, and stare at the stars. Whenever someone actually sees her on the inside, they regret all bad things they said about her.

See Her Eyes:

Demon ran, far, far from home. She bounded up to a cave, the floor feeling soft and full of feathers, the cave was full of bottles, and different items. She looked at the walls, seeing carvings of canines and felines. Her memory slid about. She heard a voice, a deep, shagged, threatening bark. " Demon, you will never be

scared?" The voice spoke. Demon shook her head, turning around, seeing three canines. One was white, grey, and black, full of gashes and scars. The second canine was snow white, with velvet, the third didn't really look like a color. " Wh..Who are you?" Demon growled, not in fear, but stunned at who she knew they were. " You know who we are, Demon" The third said. " Ghost....Heather...and Tank.." Demon stared cold.

Contact Information Edit

Instagram: Cat_Wolf_Lover

Worlize: NotToBeChallenged

SnapChat: melcarskiamber7

Transformice/Micegirl: Iwokuplikdis

Minecraft: CarvingFlare

Youtube: LpsRealms Productions

Past Youtube: Tiger4628 AJ

AJ Username: Tiger4628

Musically: Amber.mel

  • Be the one to stand, not the one to fall
  • Wanting to be let alone..
  • Don't let you slip, like it happened to me...
  • Run, when you have to, even if its showing weakness
  • Don't challenge
  • Don't let yourself be overpowered..