➹Bio Reference➹ Edit

Name: Curios.

Gender: Female.

Age: 60.5 Moon's (approx. 5 1/2 Year's)

Status: Living (currently)

Accent: Tohoku. Speaks in German if irritated.

Theme Song(s): I knew you were trouble.

➹Relatives➹ Edit

Mother: Unnamed She-Wolf (Deceased, Verified Member of Twilight)

Father: Unnamed He-Wolf (Deceased, Verified Member of Twilight)

Mate: N/A.

Offspring: N/A.

➹Description➹ Edit

A rather small she-wolf with a crooked paw and bent ear. She has fiery blood red eyes that can look quite intimidating. Her attitude is generally pretty fair, though can be quite agitated if having to resort to do anything 'resourceful'. Saying this see is quite lazy, but will fight faithfully until the very end.