"I may seem strong and tough, but, deep down, i'm not as much a monster as you may think." ~Critical~


Old misty forest iii by topielica666-d71s75b

~General Info~Edit

Name: Critical                                                 

Critical in-game


Nicknames: Criticalbb                                                                              

Gender: She-cat

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Breed: Norweigan Forest Cat

AJ Username: civilazation4

Wiki Username: XxDarkForestxX

Critical in IRL

Group: None/Rogue

Position: N/A

Theme Song: TBD Voice: TBD

~Appearance~ Edit

Pelt: Black with a pale light grayish underbelly.

Eyes: White, ( Close to blind )

~Bio~ Edit

Critical wants no one to ever find out this, so she buries it deep within her.


Father: Blazing

Mother: Lunar

Sisters: Kirasha, (Deceased) Pitchink, (Living).

Brothers: ?

Mate(s): ?

Kit(s): ?

Crush/Crushes: Ryebb,

Friend(s): Eaglestar, Ryebb, Star, *cough* barely *cough*

~Personality~ Edit

Raging- She rages like a very angry badger and will threaten to attack you, and she will often offend you. In the end, she usually regrets everything.

Confident- Nothing can stop this confident leader! She will accept your challenge even if its jumping off a cliff!

Peaceful-  Critical believes that peace is better than war.

Wise- Critical usually knows what to do when it comes to situations, and will usually make the right decision.

~Critical's Strengths and Weaknesses~ Edit


  •  Critical is a MASSIVE drama leader!
  • Critical is a cat who will easily loose her temper and go into a blazing rage.
  • Critical looks on the dark side of things and can blame herself for something she didn't do.
  • Critical is very picky, so she will only  eat specific pieces of prey or will break up with a tom because he's not her type.


  •  Critical  is confident and will not back down from a challenge.
  • Critical is a natural leader, and she will not lie.

~Critical's Likes and Dislikes~ Edit


  • Friends who care about her.
  • Smiling cats.
  • Peace


  • Liars
  • Haters
  • Kittypets
  • Secrets and Rumors

~Drawings and Pictures of Critical~ Edit

WIN 20160114 203510

Critical, drawn by one of her friends outside the Wiki.