Name: Crimsonstar

Religion: Unitarian Universalist

Sexuality: Homosexual (Irl) Straight (Cat)

Clan: ShadowClan (Skeletonstar)

Age: 6 in cat years

16 in human years

Home State: Massachusetts

Country: USA

Nicknames: Crimson, crimsy

Likes: noble loyal warriors, chilling sigh friends, playing ukelele

Dislikes: weak and stupid cats that have no good reason to do things

Crushes: no one at the moment

Song: Dark Horse (Christina Grimmie version)

About the cat Edit

Breed: Maine coon, British long haired serval mix

Fur color: dark dark russet

Eye color: Icy blue

Size: bigger than the average cat.

notes: thick dark dark russet fur giving him the appereancd of blood coated fur. Scars line his bod and z long thickly plummed tail


Current mate: Fate, member of VE

Kits: Iron, Shade, Stormstream, others have left.

Secondary leader: Willowstar

Deputies: Tundrapelt and Sketchedfur

'Medics: Darkheart (Apprentice, Whitepaw)'

background story Edit

The night was cold as a tiny mew sounded through the blizzarding snow. Stonestar, leader of Shadowclan, made his way down the icy cliff towards the old twoleg house. He pushed himself through the ivy blocking thr entrance and made his way to the nursery. Outside, his medicine cat Darkheart met him. "Is she alright?" Stonestar asked looking worried. Darkheart nodded "she is perfectly fine and so are the kits, you may go inside see thEM. " Stonestar thanked his medic and pushed his way through. His mate, nightpelt lay there on the moss, curled around three bundles of fur. Stonestar smiled and nuzzled her. "Let's name them, frozen kit, brownkit, and crimson kit..." a soft growling mes sounded from the only tom in thr litter, a dark russet tom who at the moment opened his eyes, a clear clear blue. Stonestar stared. He didn't have blue eyes, neither did nightpelt. He looked at nightpelt who looked shocked and then embarresed. "I..I.." she hung her head. Stonestsr stared at her "why does this kit have blue eyes, we both know we don't have blue eyes family members. Suddendly frozenkit opened her eyes, blue as well. The last kit opened her eyes, green as ferns. Stonestsr snarled "tell me nightpelt!" Nightprlt sighed "they aren't your kits.. They belong to a tomm I met in a clan far far off, when I was traveling with those recklace apprentices... They are his. " Stonestsr promply declared that she wasn't his mate And banished her from the clan, as long with two of The kits. The last one, brown kit, h gave to Greyheart, his brothers mate to parent, as he thought it be RIGT to keep one of he kits. Nightpelt Staggered into the snow and traveled For days, trying to keep her kits warm. Was it because of their long fur, or something else, but both kits lived and grew. The clan took her in and she raise her kits in this clan.

The truth

crimsondagger stood there watching the young apprentices playing. He was a new warrior and tired as he was, he couldn't help but feel excited. With s hint of sorrow, he remember his sister frozenheart had left a few nights ago, feeling it was her time to go and search for someone she had heard about. Crimson sighed and then wondered who his someone his sister had wanted to find. Maybe his mother would know. The sturdy young tom walked to where his mother was an elder and lay resting from a case of green cough. Crimsondagger sighed and layed down beside her. "Mother, I mist ask you, who did frozen heart go to look for?" his mother froze and became wild and glazed eyed. She began to mutter words after words. "stonestar...." Crimson stared "who is stonestar?" "Your father... I lied to him about being  with another tom... I wanted change and I did really like your adopted father, I was tired of Shadowclan.. Stonestarr forgot thst my grandma had blue eyes. thats why you have them. He thought u got them from your adopted father... You must go Crimsondagger. Take your rightful place in his clan and becomes leader that I can be proud of... promise me..." Crimson stared at her in shock "I..I.. I promise mother" with that he left the den and raced out of camp. Upon finding a small pool not frozen over, he looked down at him self. his mother had said his fsther was a leader of a clan, a mighty noble clan. he remember when he was younger a patrol from clan called Shadowclan had arrived at his camp. Sduddently he sat back, remembering the enormous gray tom that was the leader of that group. crimson then squared his shoulders. "I must find this cat who is said to be my father..," a few days later, his mother pa peacefully, happy thst she had been lifted the burden. Crimson, though shaken by Greif, left the clan, upon telling the leader thst thr spirits were calling him away. He wandered on and on, heading northeast. the snow never seemed to stop and many of times, he paused to hide from the cold.

Welcome home my son

crimsondagger stood on thr edge of the territory of his father. He dared not cross it but he didn't know when the next patrols would arrive. So he waited. Soon voices reached him "Stonestar, I smell something unfamiler.. " " so do I frozenheart. " crimsons heart stopped for a second upon hearing that voice. Two cats emerged from the undergrowth and crimson's heart gave a leap of joy upon seeing his sister. she too, upon seeing him gave a yowl of joy, "Crimsondagger! Brother it's good your here!!" the other cat stayed back, his keen green eyes bearing down on the two siblings reuniting. Stonestar though "so this is my son.. My does he take after his mother..." Crimsondagger then stood and looked at the tom. "I..I". The powerful tom shook his head "no need. Your sister already told me everything. I now know you are my kits. I was wrong to send you away. You had no responcibility over your birth and I should have seen that. " Crimson sighed and then raises his head "it's not that. Nightpelt wanted to tell you, she still loved you her entire life before she died recently. " both frozen heart and stonestar looked shocked snd saddened by this news. "She was an amazing cat, I am glad she found peace, even if it wasn't with me. you two both take after her in looks and personality, I can already tell. Come my children, and let us get Crimson welcomed into the clan. the next few moments went fast for Crimson. He met the deputies, Stonestars new mate Dusktsil and all the new warriors. A moment of peace entered and Stonestar turned to his son, who looked so much like him apart from the fur and eye color. "Welcome home my boy."

Stonestars death

Crimsondagger bowed his head, his father had passed that night as his chest infection finally spread into all his chest and throat and caused him to stop breathing. Upon his night, a strange pack attacked the clan and their leader, SkeletonStar declared himself leader. Crimsondagger snd his sister then left the clan, saying they wouldn't follow someone who takes control te night their fsther died. Crimsondsgger stared at the stars, wondering if his father was with the spirits. He remembered the seasons with his father. The fun days and the serious ones. He then layed down and cried his heart out for his la remaining parent.

moons later

Crimsondagger stood slong the edge of the thunderpath. SkeletonStar had declared him and his sister crowfood and demands thst they be killed as they could threaten his leadership. Across the way, Crimson saw a flash of black and white fur and SkeletonStar, still arrogant as ever emerged. "Well, well, well, what do we have here, is little Crimson come to challenge me for my leadership?" Crimson glared "no.I Came to enjoy some time by myself and to think. SkeletonStar snarled and then lunged "that's it,your going down!" what he didn't see was thr upcoming speeding massive yellow and silver monster racing toward him. crimson saw if and gave a cry of warning, but it was too late. Thr monster hit snd ran skeltonstsr over, leaving half of the evil cat behind. Crimson, glancing around grabbed the body and calling to his sister who came and stared at the body, helped drag it to Shadowclan. The clan meowsed in shock and confusion as Crimson relayed the message. they accepted and sat vigil, not knowing who would be leader. Then, as the warm wind blEw, Darkheart woke in a dream state. He stared around at the gregiving cats and then gazed at the high rocks. With a cry he jumped back, for the rock was covered in dark Crimson blood. upon closer look, it seemed thst the blood was settled into the stone, rather than poured all over it. A cat tooth stuck out, as it stabbed like a dagger into thr rocks. "Crimson on stone... Dagger on stone..thats it! Crimsondagger will be leader! "

upon on hearing this. Crimsonstar was shocked and honored. He quickly gained his lives and soon worked to fix the clzn. He is still doing this to this day.

meeting fate

crimonstar led the patrol swiftly along the hidden trails along the border. There was a hiss that sounded and crimson found him self face to face with Athena, thr leader he the vigilance and her warrior fate. The two spoke but Crimson had his eyes on fate. Her eyes were clouded and sad and her ears were down. after the two leaders finished talking, Crimson sent the patrol to continue. Athena left soon after, telling fate to hunt before she returned to camp. crimon stared at her. " ae you alright fate.. u look so sad. " he knew she was trying to be brave but soon she broke dosn and sobbed "my mate killed him self..." Crimson gave a soft gasp before moving closer to her, offering comfort if he was allowed to, to his surprisel fate took it, burying her face in his soft chest fur. They stood there like that until she was all cried out. As she stepped back, Crimson could see the relief and gratefulness in her eyes. "Thank you Crimsonstar. Though I didn't fully love himM he was a loyal mate till his deagh, I wish it hadn't come to this though. " Crimson nodded as she ranted a bit more and then spoke gently "if you need someone to talk to, come by whenever. I will make it my point to walk by here every day." she thanked him and they parted for that day. Through the next moons, the two met often and talked, hunted and played together. It was late summer and the sun shown down on a small clearing just over the border of both the territorties where the who had started to be. A small pool was on the edge with a small water fall. Crimsonstsr looked at fate, she had grown more happy as the moons being together had brightened her more. Crimson had realized he really did care for her and now was the day he had hoped to Ask her. At first he didn't give s sign. They talked and played and hunted as they normslly did, but the as the sun started to set Crimson turned to fate. The sun basking in his fur, turning it the brightest Crimson color fat had ever seen and outlining his strongm firm handsome looks. "Fate.. I. Since I met you, I been more happy than I have ever been in my entire life.. And I want to have to happen forever. Wil you be my mate?" Fate Purred before replying "and you, Crimson, my handsome knight in fur, saved me from the dark pits of grief and made me see what life is again. Of course I will be your mate.." the two moved together and pressed against eachother, Crimson mixing with smokey black. dark blue eyes stared into icy blue and the teo sealed their love together under s full moon and clear sky's

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