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Don't stop, until you have reached the top. It will be worth it....


Appearance Edit

Constellationfeather is a black shecat with dark blue eyes. There are some traces of the color of her eyes in

Screenshot 2015-11-01 at 4.46.04 PM


her fur. Some say you can see small stars in her eyes, claws, and pelt.

Personality Edit

Constellationfeather is a kind, and loyal shecat, She has a small ambition to become deputy of ThunderClan, but she won't go Tigerstar and kill everyone to get there. She is fair, and will serve her clan to the end.

Past Edit

Before she found ThunderClan, she was alone with her sister, Raincloud. She was found, with her sister, by a ThunderClan patrol after they had stumbled across TC territory. From then on, they trained to become what they are today.

Tibits about her Edit

  • She has a deep connection to Starclan
  • She prefers the darkness to light
  • Her claws seem to glow in the presence of stars.

Family Edit

Father: Galaxystar(unknown user)

Mother: Eclipsefur(unknown user)

Sister: Raincloud(Jammergreen39)

Brother:Starclaw(unknown user)


Pups: None