Identity and Appearance Edit

Name : Coalfur

Past Names : Coalpaw, Coalkit.

Nicknames : Coaly, Cola, Coalbae

Gender : Tom

Clan : Rushingclan

Rank : Deputy

Mentor : N/A

Apprentice : Ashpaw+ Duskpaw


Birth season : Leaf-Bare

Age : 38 moons

Breed : 50% Persian 20% Mainecoon 10% La perm 10% Tabby

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Size : Coalfur, ( due to all of his fur ) Is a rather massive cat. Although his size might make kits and other cats frightful, he is quite the kind cat .( unless you piss him off :3 )

Brief description : A large Tom, with a unique pattern of grey, black, and only some touches of white on his paws. Due to his mix of breeds, he has rather odd eyes. They are a light azure, or a very light cobalt and are so almost white like, he almost seems to be blind.

Scars : 4 of them :)


Coalfur is a Tom in which who is best for his strength and agility. His fur is one of the main reasons of why he seems so big, for his persian and mainecoon still stick with him over decades of ancestors. For abilities : He is great in speed and strength, but is weakened by his sense of hearing, for as a kit he was caught in the middle of a road while a car sped past him, crushing his eardrums. He did eventually recover physically, but not mentally.

Fur texture : Coalfur has an odd/unique Pelage, as he got this from his ancestors. His main color is a coal-ish black, while his marks on his Body are mainly a dark grey, as it layers onto him. The grey covers spots like his tail, under belly, his marks ( tabby etc. ), and head.

Eyes : Coalfur's eyes are a Icy blue ( Or off-white light blue ) ,and are actually quite narrowed.

Body Type : Large and fluffy.

Special features : Coalfur, even though short in hearing is Very good in sight. As for he can see Much better in the dark and he is also quite good at hunting Birds and rabbits.

Scent : Coalfur, being a warrior smells of the woodland, but he also has a large trace of Rabbit, for he hunts them most of time.`

Personality Edit

Traits : Gentle, Strong, Brave, and Cunning.


{ Gentle }

Although, being the size he is, Coalfur is a friendly cat who acts like a kit if You manage to get to him. He'll do what ever he can to play with kits and he is a socially experienced cat.

{ Strong }

Despite being a social cat, Coalfur if ticked off will stick up for others, and will fight for the end for his clan or family Till the battle is won by him.

{ Brave }

Man, when you make this cat mad you're in real trouble. Coal fur is very brave and will do what ever it takes to help others in their weakness, or just stick up for them when getting shoved down by others.

{ Cunning }

This might sound weird for this Tom, but when you do something to him or somebody he is loyal/loves, your death will be soon. Coal will kill if needed to, but if he is commanded just to hurt badly, he'll obey. When you come out of grip you'll be left with a torn ear, blind eye, scars, or major wounds.

Family Edit

Living : Yes Dead : No

MOTHER : Wolfheart ( dead )

FATHER : Zero ( unknown )

SIBLINGS : Badgerscar ( unknown ) HorizonPelt ( unknown ) Moonleaf ( unknown)

UNCLE : unknown

AUNT : unknown


ATTRACTION TO : DappleStream ( DappleApple )

Crushes : Dapplestream

Dating : Dapplestream

Ex : N/A

Mate : Dapplestream

Kits : Mythkit , Suzume , Petalkit , Cherrykit, CloudKit , FalconKit

Orientation : straight

Preferences :



-Rabbits and birds




-enemy clans




On my way : Brother bear ( You can request some in the comments! This is just a sub theme song, His song is still being debated!)

Tactics Edit

Battle: 9/10

Hunting: 7/10

Swimming: 7/10

Tracking: 8/10

Stealth/Sneaking: 9/10

Climbing: 8/10

Physical Skill Edit

Strength: 9/10

Speed: 8/10

Endurance : 7/10

Accuracy: 8/10

Physical Attributes Edit

Bulk: 8/10

Weight: 8/10

Height: 10/10

Flexibility: 7/10

Agility: 8/10

Balance: 10/10

Reflexes: 7/10

Mental Skill Edit

Leadership ability: 10/10

Battle tactics/Strategy: 9/10

Observation: 7/10

Intelligence: 9/10

Cunning: 10/10

Focus: 8/10

Mental strength: 8/10

Social ability: 10/10

Mentoring ability: 10/10

Warrior Experience: 10/10

Fatherly instinct: 10/10

Hunting Attributes Edit

River prey: 10/10

Woodland prey: 10/10

Flying Prey: 9/10

Marshland Prey: 7/10

Mountain Prey: 6/10

Trivia Edit



-His Camily <3

-Dapplestream <3



-You :D!