"To be brave is to act when you're scared..." -Cinderpelt

Cinderpelt Edit

Name: Cinderpelt

Gender: Female

Species: Felis Catus

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Breed: American Shorthair

Age: About 24 moons ( two years )

Group: AspenClan

Position: Warrior

Theme Song: Welcome to My Life- Simple Plan

Family Edit

Mother: Bluestar ( Deceased )

Father: Unknown

Siblings: Nightclaw ( Brother )

Offspring: Hollyleaf( Daughter )

Nieces/Aunts: Snowfur ( Aunt, Deceased )

Nephews/Uncles: Unknown

Mate: Shadowfang

Personality Edit


* Not as Smart

* Loyal

* Caring

* Secretive

* Fierce

* Mean/Rude


Cinderpelt is a firce shecat. She's loyal to what she cares for, and just like Whisperstar, nothing short of an explosion will keep her from defending her family and friends. She's braver than a polar bear, and can be very understanding. Sometimes she's funny and she loves her one kit and her mate with all her heart. She's as fast as an average WindClan cat, and excels at climbing and hunting. Cinderpelt is a warrior to be proud of in AspenClan.


Cinderpelt tends to be a bit TOO caring sometimes. She's not known for her intelligence, so she's pretty easy to fool. She's very emotional, and many things upset her. She puts too much trust in whom she considers her family. If her friends or family happened to be in danger, she wouldn't be able to help them, because she'd be too scared of hurting them. Keeping so many secrets have taken a toll on her, too. She usually has vivid nightmares and receives many prophecies. She's known for her sudden mood swings. One minute she's happy, the next she's snarling at everyone.

Appearance Edit

Cinderpelt is a thin shecat with a light grey basecoat and black and white markings all along her pelt, and she's an American Shorthair. She has a white underbelly and paws, and piercing ivy blue eyes. Some of her many scars include a shredded ear, a shredded tail, and a slash above her eye from a badger.


Cinderpelt was born in an unknown clan, which burst into flames one night when she was little. She ran away, thinking that all of her family left had burned. She became a rogue and wandered around, joining lots of clans, but leaving them all eventually. Then, she met a tom named Shadowfang. Shadowfang left his other mate for Cinderpelt, and they wandered around as rogues together. Cinderpelt eventually met up with his old mate, Brightheart, but they became good friends. Then Cinderpelt and Shadowfang joined AspenClan, where they had one kit who's name is Hollyleaf. Now the trio live in AspenClan, presumably happy.

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