"Strength doesn't come from killing for no reason. Recklessness comes from it. Loyalty doesn't come from just not double-grouping. Defending your tribe comes from it. Power doesn't come from winning battles, it's about using it right, and being mature. Love doesn't come from serving your tribe. It comes from the heart, it comes from actually caring, and the promise that you will do whatever you can to defend your tribe, even at the cost of your life. Use your abilities for the right thing, because there is no turning back after you take action." -Ciara

General Information Edit

Name: Ciara

Username: lpswolf07

Species: Panther

Tribe: The Tribe of Arcane Outlanders (After Suna dies)

Occupation: Militant

Appearance: She is a dark gray panther with dark blue eyes. Her fur fades into black near her belly. She possess a long tail, black nose, and soft pelt.

Personality Edit

Ciara is a fierce and loyal panther that is willing to do anything to serve her tribe. Most of the time she is quite caring, despite her size. She is a wise feline that enjoys stalking her friends.