Judging someone by their appearance is like trying to hear someone when you are deaf. You can't do it. But you can try.
Option 2

General Information Edit

♈ Status  Inative

♈ Name ♈ Chevell         

♈ Nick-names ♈ Chevy

♈ Gender ♈ Female

♈ Breed ♈ Manitoba Wolf 

♈ Sexuality ♈ Heterosexual

 ♈ Occupation ♈ N/A

♈ Rank ♈ Loner

♈ Age ♈ 27 Moons

 ♈ Voice ♈ Angelina Jolie (As Maleficent)

♈ Main Theme Song ♈ Boulevard of Broken Dreams

♈ Theme Song(s) ♈ U + Ur Hand & Just Like A Pill


 Mother♈ Assumed Dead

♈ Grandmother ♈ Deceased

♈ Grandfather Desceased

♈ Father ♈ Assumed Dead

♈ Grandmother Deseased

♈ Grandfather Deseaced

♈ Siblings ♈ N/A

♈ Offspring ♈ N/A

♈ Mate ♈ N/A

♈ Friends ♈ N/A

♈ Enemies ♈ N/A

♈ Appearance Edit

♈ Pelt Atramentous & Rusted Cinereal

♈ Eyes Light Granite

♈ Physique Lithe & Slender

 Height 29 Inches

 ♈ Mass  76 Pounds

♈ Personality Edit

 Hostile➸ Chevell has a hard time controlling situations and her hostility takes play almost all of the time unless she feels well and refuses to be angry

Trustworthy➸ Chevell is very serious and doesn't like to play games or lie about most things. She knows when you accept or reject her

 Perseverance➸ Chevell never gives up no matter what the circumstance comes to, even if she is told to stop

 Independent➸ Chevell can easily take care herself before taking care of others and prefers to do a task on her own and not with a small group

Protective➸ ''Chevell feels respected after protecting one of her friends, especially if they are in a higher rank than her

♈ Likes Edit

Twilight (Time of Day)

Being Alone

Spotting Others' Fears

♈ Dislikes ♈ Edit

Working In Groups

Bright Daylight/Heat

Plants That Stick

♈ Strengths ♈ Edit



Excellent Hearing/Vision

♈ Flaws ♈ Edit


Can Get Frightened Easily                               


♈ Fears ♈ Edit

Eosophobia➸ Phobia/Fear of Dawn/Daylight

Cnidophobia➸ Phobia of Plants That Sting

Thermophobia➸ Phobia/Fear of Extreme Heat/Hot Weather