Buddy Edit


Character Chart

Character’s full name: Buddy

Reason or meaning of name: His mother first named him Fallen, but he was so kind to the other pups, so she decided to rename him "Buddy".

Character’s nickname: Bud, Bud Bud, and Dog.

Reason for nickname: Bud, short for Buddy, Bud Bud, fun to say, and Dog, because he is a dog.

Physical appearance

Gender: Male

Breed: Great Pyrenees

Age: 22 moons

Body build: Fluffy, large-ish, somewhat muscular.

Eye color: Dark brown

Fur color: White

Distinguishing marks: Scorched tail, the tip of his tail is black from forest fire, and has a small, unnoticeable scar on the tip.

Predominant features: Scorched tail, his fur color.

Voice: Like Santa Paws as a puppy on Santa Paws the movie.

Physical disabilities: At times, his leg aches, preventing him from running.


Good personality traits: Kind, loyal, protective.

Bad personality traits: Slow, wary of strangers, and can be too protective.

Mood character is most often in: Welcoming, happy.

Sense of humor: He throws in a few jokes and sarcasm here and there.

Character’s greatest joy in life: The pack.

Character’s greatest fear: Fire

Why?: His mother and father were slain by a forest fire.

What single event would most throw this character’s life into complete turmoil?: The death of Insurgent.

Character is most at ease when: Around his friends, alone in the territory.

Most ill at ease when: There is a thunderstorm, around hostiles or strangers, or in/near a forest fire.

Enraged when: Others speak bad about his old family, especially his mother or brother, and when others threaten the pack.

Depressed or sad when: Thinking about his past.

Priorities: Keeping the clan going. Making others happy.

Life philosophy: "Make the tears shift into smiles."

If granted one wish, it would be: To have his family back.

Why?: He misses them.

Character’s soft spot: His mother, his old family.

Is this soft spot obvious to others?: If they ask about his past, yes.

Greatest vulnerability or weakness: His slowness, mental and physical, and his mother.

Biggest regret: Never helping his family.

Biggest accomplishment: Finding the clan on his own, and surviving in the meantime.

Character’s darkest secret: He secretly cannot kill, except for prey.

Does anyone else know?: No.


Drives and motivations: His pack.

Long term goals: Being the most inspirational he possibly can for the pack.

How the character plans to accomplish these goals: Being kind, being inspirational, putting others before himself.

How other characters will be affected: They will get a kind, inspiring pack member.



Home: An old badger hole in a temperate forest.

Type of puphood: Sheltered, he didn't meet too many, until the experience with his parents, then he learned the hard way about true death and depression.

First memory: Chasing his brother, Ash, with his sister biting on his tail hard. It hurt a lot, and he nipped his sister and licked his tail. His mother punished them both, which he found unfair.

Most important memory: Most important is not the most happy, but the time that he disbanded his family (his parents and one of his brothers were killed, but his sister and other brother, Ash, both's whereabouts are unknown).

Why?: Because he could never forget it.

Puphood hero: His mother.

Why?: His mother was a great inspiration: kind, gentle, forgiving, and loyal.

Education: His mother taught him basic things, like how to get rid of a thorn. His father taught him how to track correctly and very basic hunting.

Religion: None.


Current location: Insurgent

Currently living with: The rest of the members.

Religion: The Gaze.

Rank: Theta

Mate: N/A


Mother: Honey

Relationship with her: Loved her very much, she was and is still his hero.

Father: Justin

Relationship with him: Loved him, he taught him skills he knows today!

Siblings: Ash, brother. Daisy, sister. Mitchel, brother.

Relationship with them: He loved them very much, especially Mitchel, the one that drowned.


Color: Orange.

Least favorite color: ...

Food: Elk!

Form of entertainment: Hunting, observing the clan.


Hobbies: Hunting, observing, sitting in nature for no reason and just listening.

How he/she would spend a rainy day: Sitting inside the den, maybe helping out with things.

Extremely skilled at: Tracking!

Extremely unskilled at: Hunting...

Nervous tics: Strangers.

Usual body posture: Standing tall with tail curled if around the clan or alone. A dangerous situation, or around strangers, stands a bit shorter and tail down.

Mannerisms: Pants a lot, wags tail a lot.


Optimist or pessimist?: Optimist.


Introvert or extrovert?: A little of both. Social, but enjoy alone time at times.

Daredevil or cautious?: Cautious.

Logical or emotional?: Emotional.

Disorderly and messy or methodical and neat?: A little of both.

Prefers working or relaxing?: Working.

Confident or unsure of himself/herself?: Confident, but slightly unsure.

Relationships with others

Opinion of other people in general: Everyone-Friend

Does the character hide his/her true opinions and emotions from others?: Yes, at times.

Best friend(s): Smallstream, Acornpaw, Void, Coldpaw.

Person character goes to for advice: Was Void, now no one.

Person character feels responsible for or takes care of: Was Smallstream and Coldpaw, now no one.

Most important person in character’s life before story starts: His mother.

Mentor: N/A