The grey and brown mottled she-cat ran through the forest the wind blowing in her long fur keeping her pointed ears pricked while her massive paws slammed the ground while running through the forest. She was no longer a rouge nor a Crescentclan apprentice she was Bearclan warrior named Brokenwing.
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Details about catEdit

Names in order: Broken, Brokenkit, Brokenpaw, Brokenwing.

Was born in: Crescentclan

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual.

Father: Tigerstar ( not the evil one but he was still brought to the dark forest )

Mother: Unknown

Mate: Spiderears ( Dominospanda )

Age: 36 moons ( 3 years old 20 years in human age )

Clan: Bearclan

Breed:( small )Maine coon, and lynx mix.
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Kits: Brightsky, Starlingpaw, and Shadowheart.

Description: A mainly gray she-cat with a dark brown underbelly, amber eyes, and pale splotches. She also has wide paws that can keep her up in the snow. She is a small maine coon, and snow lynx mix.

Past: rouge, Crescentclan apprentice, Crescentclan warrior

Gender: She-cat

rank: Leader

Character song: Thanks for the memories Reason: Horrible past.

Current things happening:

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Theme songs Edit

Brokenpaw being exiled: All that remains- The Waiting One.

Brokenpaw not being able to be with Spiderpaw: Casting Crowns- Broken Together.

Brokenwing and Spiderears starting to get feelings for each other: Thinking out loud- Ed Sheeran

Brokenwing expecting kits then having them: My Little Girl- Tim Mcgraw

Story Edit

Broken was a rouge she lived by herself in the forest all alone with no one to take care of her, she was born in a clan called Crescentclan, her father named Tigerstar was from a different clan named Shadowclan, before she was a rouge her father stole her from Crescentclan camp because when Broken was born her mother gave birth to her early and she came out tiny and weak and her father thought she wasn't good enough to be a warrior.Many moons had past by and Broken was much bigger and stronger with muscles visible under her thick grey and brown pelt with scars all across her neck and one across her right eye. She never knew her mother and the name she was originally given, but she did know who her father was who visited Broken in her dreams.Broken was one day wanting some company maybe another kit to play with, she stumbled upon a black kit with a silver she-cat, the first thing noticable about him that the black kit had massive ears and aqua blue eyes." Hi, wanna play? " Broken mewed to the black kit."Sure" the black kit replied. They played for a while

Brokenpaw is exiled from Bearclan: Brokenpaw was cleaning the dirty moss from the nests, because she was punished for a moon. Skeletonstar figured out Brokenpaw's secret ( and no im not gonna tell you what it was ). She was sentanced to exile, but Brokenpaw refused to leave the camp so Skeletonstar attacked her. Brokenpaw screeched in pain as Skeletonstar raked his claws down her spine and snapped his jaws at her neck. Brokenpaw was able to escape but very badly wounded and was never seen in red valley or camp for seasons.

Brokenwing meets Spiderears in secret: "Congrats on becoming a warrior Spiderears!" Brokenwing purred happily as they were both standing on sunningrocks as the aroma of both Crescentclan and Bearclan was in the air. " Thanks Brokenwing" Spiderears replied. She looked around making sure no one had followed her. They both sat down together silent staring up at the cloudless blue sky." It's to bad that you had to be in Crescentclan, Brokenwing." " Yea if only Skeletonstar hadn't exiled me." She sighed sadly.



- Her favorite prey is water vole.

- She is used to freezing tempatures because of being in Crescentclan before.
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- She used to visit the dark forest when she was a rouge kit.

- Her long fluffy fur turns sleek when she goes in the water.

- When her father Tigerstar saw how strong she became thats when he started visiting her.

- She has the same curved long claws as her father.

- The black kit is her future mate.

- Her crush as an apprentice was Spiderears.

Family Tree Edit

The ones with the yellow circles are dead.

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