General Information Edit

  • Name: Breezepaw
  • Age: 10 moons
  • Parents/Siblings/Relatives: Unknown
  • Mate/crush: Unknown
  • Kits: None
  • Religion: Traditional StarClan/Darkforest
  • Themesong: Still deciding
  • Date made oc: March 9, 2016



Breezepaw on AJ.

  • Scars: Yes, one located on shoulder
  • Pelt color(s): White with a light grey underbelly and tan splotches
  • Eye color(s): Icy blue eyes
  • Weight: 9 pounds (4 kilograms)
  • Height: 10 inches (25 centimeters)
  • Other features/accessories: None
  • Full appearance: Breezepaw is a white she-cat with a light grey underbelly and tan splotches. She is nine pounds (4 kilograms) in weight and 10 inches (25 centimeters) in height. Her eyes are an icy blue, almost white. She has one scar on her shoulder from an attack as a loner. Other scars had faded away or are invisible.


Brief description of personality:


Bold text = personality trait that will be mentioned later

Breezepaw is a highly hyper she-cat, who enjoys hunting and fighting. She enjoys hanging out with friends and making new ones at the same time. However, she can easily shut people out and can be independent at times. When she is in a bad mood, she will most likely ignore and be silent. However, she is most of the time enthusiastic and funny. She is also a big daredevil and likes to be dared by her friends to do almost anything. Her bravery is one of a kind. She's brave with anything beside badgers and seeing old friends she has regretted to meet because of personal reasons. Sometimes, she can get overly angry and will not tolerate things very well. Beside that, she is clever and happy.

Personality Traits


Breezepaw is a hyper she-cat, full of energy. She always is jumping around when she isn't tired, which is often rare, and helping out around the Clan or on patrols. From how hyper she can be, some cats think she will never run out of energy.


Sometimes, Breezepaw enjoys being independent and working alone. That doesn't mean she is always independent, but sometimes she would rather be by herself then with other cats or other creatures.


To Breezepaw, it is not normal to let her joke around and cats will not laugh. She is pretty funny and humorous, but some cats do not get her humor. She doesn't care, however, so she continues to do it anyway.


Breezepaw is quite the risk-taker. She enjoys being dared by her friends and doing almost impossible things. She thinks the dares as a challenge. It is not unlikely to see her doing crazy things during her free-time, because she enjoys doing it!


Breezepaw, along with her risky actions, is brave. She likes to show-off by showing off her bravery and her dangerous acts to impress others. However, she is suddenly afraid of badgers or meeting old friends that she regretted meeting. These are probably her only fears.


Breezepaw is clever from living on her own, but she is bad at hunting. She still like it, though. With fighting and tree-climbing, she is clever and understands what she is supposed to do.


Most of the time, Breezepaw is happy. She is always laughing with others when she isn't in a bad mood.

Strengths and WeaknessesEdit


  • Fighting
  • Treeclimbing


  • Running
  • Traveling
  • Herbs


  • Hunting/tracking
  • Swimming

Likes and DislikesEdit


  • Hunting
  • Fighting
  • Socializing
  • Being dared to do crazy things
  • Sunning on sunning rocks
  • Running
  • Treeclimbing
  • Traveling


  • Being told what to do
  • Being told how to act in certain places
  • Swimming
  • Herbs
  • Badgers
  • Foxes
  • Twolegs


  • Badgers
  • Seeing old friends she wants to avoid
  • Embarrassed in public