Names, Kit- Bog (Kittypet), Rogue- Bog, Warrior- Bogwhisker

Clan- Thunderclan

Age- 23 moons

Gender- Female

Mate- Pitch (Pitch91)

Kits(8)- Sprucekit, Whisperkit, Feralkit, Sedgekit, Cresenttail, Carol (WC), Aquasoul AND Splashheart

Species- Bobcat & Russian blue mix

Songs- Black widow/Me,myself and I/Ex's and Oh's

Kill List Edit


Cats- 1

Larger cats- 0

(Panthers, ligers ect)

Backstory- Edit

Chapter 1.

A molten brown tabby she-cat, flank bulging, heavy with her soon-to-be-born kits, padded along her neat creamy tail high as she proudly strut to her bush. Her no-claw nest to the left of her holly bush. The tan, flat face of a no-claw summoned her. She got up and trotted to her owner. She rubbed against her legs and purred. The no-claw's den was a subdued shade of pink. Her mother was slim and sleek, while her father was compacted with thick muscle and was broad and heavy. Her father was a forest cat, her kits would never know him. The no-claw took the house-cat into her den and snuggled her gently. She poured little tablets of food in her bowl and dumped water in beside it. The cat ate and finally rest in her nesting area beside the table. During the night Lily went into labor and gave birth to 4 healthy kits. They purred and suckled at her abdomen kneading her belly with their tiny claws. Bog, her first she-kit was born blind with cataracts, their no-claw owner took Bog to a vet and had cataract surgery done on her. By the time Bog was home, she had the best eyes of all the kits in her litter.

Chapter 2.

"Momma, Can we go now," Her 4 kits said in unison

"Yes come along young ones."

They padded over the ivory hued fence and into the forest in which they would soon know. The brambles rustled and a black and white creature lumbered. Its face white as the fence and black as the evening sky. Stripes went up its face. The mother cat, Lily growled and lashed claws at the badger. The badger retaliated and bit her spine, crushing it and then faced the kits. Bumble and Fox, the oldest toms of the litter lashed out at them sinking their small, but thorn sharp claws into its eyes. The badger yet again grasped hold of her siblings and shook them like a rag doll. The female kits, Bog and Flower wailed in terror. They fled toward the undergrowth. The badger walked right past them without noticing. They breathed in relief.