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"People will hate you, rate you,

Bluey snip-0

Le Bluepelt in AJ

shake you, and break you.

But how strong you stand

is what makes you."

Name: Bluepelt

Species: Siberian Cat (Felis catus)

Sex: Female

Group: Stormclan (venacio23)

Mate: N/A

Mother: Deceased

Father: Deceased

Siblings: Skullheart, Talonclaw

Kits: N/A

Friends: Fade, Dusk, Widow, Lilyclaw

Appearance Edit

Bluepelt has a alabaster, asperous epidermis, with dark grey/blueish stripes vacillating along her back and tail. Her eyes are a scintillating blueish grey . She also wears a silver collar with different sorts of teeth protruding from it.

Personality Edit

Bluepelt is known for her slight kindness, though she can be valitive and times needed. She will help her clan at any cost to prove that she is a loyal deputy of Stormclan. She easily takes orders from her leader Shadestar, but will not tolerate being bossed around by any other cats.

Background Edit

Bluepelt at first was born a rouge, deep in the forest near the camp of the Pack of Silent Screams. Deep in her mind she wondered why her parents didn't choose to live somewhere else.

One day a patrol found their home, killing her father and her mother when she was 5 moons old. A caliginous grey tom with back stripes towered over her her teeth bared. She shrunk, her claws unsheathed to protect herself from the beast. He whipped to her side and picked her up carrying her off. From there she started living under the rules of the pack, changing her name to Orbit. From there she started getting along with the cat who took her away and found out his name was Timber, he even turned out to mentor her.

Orbit grew strong, becoming a real warrior of the pack until one day, the leader Trick, grew angry at her. The pack surrounded her, some ready to leap at any moment. Suddenly her friend, Fade and her sisters showed up, Trick looked at Fade and snarled at her. "I have no business with you anymore Trick," she spoke, and leaped over the felines picking Orbit up in her jaws. The cats liberated yowls and leaped at them. As Fades sisters fought off the cats Fade managed to through the cats off of her, carrying Orbit away.

As Fade's sisters rejoined, Fade chose that it was best if Orbit stayed in a clan then a pack. She brought Orbit to her old mate, now friend's camp, asking if Orbit could join. Shadestar nodded reluctantly and Orbit changed back to Bluepelt, later becoming the deputy of Shadestar's clan.

Art of Bluepelt Edit

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