"When there is a light there is also a shadow, which one are you?"



<Basic Information> Edit

Name: Bloodstar

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Nicknames: Emily, Em, Emi

Sex: Female

Status: Active (If im off i'm either grounded or having family time with family)

Species: Panthera Onca

Aj Username: moosedaisy12

Wikia Username: XxPanthersShadowxX

Past Makings: Devils Hounds {Disbanned}, The Hounds Of Forgotten {Disbanned}, The Fighters Of Ares {Disbanned}.

Present Makings: Midnightclan (MC for short) {Being Made}

Currently In: Midnightclan Or MC for short

Current Rank: Leader

Evil Realmed or Good Realmed?: Both

Avatar: Wolf (Miss Vonclaw)

Vocab/Anatomy/Descriptive Vocab/Latin?: I know all those but mostly I use Descriptive Vocab.

Theme Song: Everybody Wants To Rule The World By: LORDE

🐅Appearance🐅 Edit

Size: 43in - 75in


Weight: 79lbs - 350lbs

Speed: 50mph

Fur: Bloodstars fur overall is black, but if you are close enough it has very little blood specks almost to not be seen.

Eyes: Her eyes are a piercing yellow.

Face: A small scar runs across her eye.

Tail: Long, not to thin, not to large.

Paws: Massive paws, long hooked claws.

Voice: She has a accent that sounds like it echos.

Teeth: Sharp, white, tinted yellow.

Animal Jam Appearance: Red black fur, yellow eyes or white.

💎Likes💎 Edit

  • Storms
  • Nature
  • Evil and good cats
  • Running
  • Fighting
  • Getting up to hang out in the night
  • Moon light
  • Night
  • Training others
  • Thunder

☠Dislikes☠ Edit

  • Disrespect
  • Being Challenged
  • Randomness that comes out of no where
  • Hot damp weather
  • Non-organized things
  • People copying her (Such as den, moves ect.)
  • Being betrayed
  • Being used
  • Annoyance

Personality Edit

Bloodstar has Bipolar which means she can be very nice but can be very mean.

Bloodstar can be super nice at times but can lash out if necessary or out of no where. If you annoy her or doesn't like some person then she will lash out and become a full beast. But she can be nice or even super if things go her way.

Relationships Edit

Friend's- Edit

  • Apollo {Archerphysics}
  • Obsidian {xxfadexx}
  • Gore {Whitememory}
  • Leah {xTORNoxLOVEo}
  • Itami {aurimas14}
  • Sage {belldawg22}
  • Nick {Kohato}

Enemies- Edit

None hoping to keep it like that.

Bloodstar's Story Edit


"Come on Dawn." Bloodstar's mother said as she followed behind my father. Dawn (Bloodstar) looked away from the butterfly she was swating at and followed behind her mother. "Where are we going mama?" Dawn asked her mother. Dawns mother chuckled, "Oh you are such a silly cub! I told you twice, we are going to the water falls for a swim and just to hang out." Dawn chuckled. "Get down!" My father growled getting low into the tall grass. Dawn saw her mother do the same and she did the same. Dawn could taste the misty water drops from the waterfall, they were right at the edge of the water fall. "What is it.." She was cut off by her father as he sharply growled telling her to stay down and quiet. Dawn silently went forward now next to her father. She looked through the tass grass seeing... strange creatures that stood on two paws!? Dawn looked closely as they held long metal sticks. "Hunters.." Her father grumbled. Suddenly Dawn heard shouts from the so called 'Hunters' and they ran toward them! "Dawn,(mothers name), RUN!" Her father growled. Dawn quickly got up and so did her mother and ran like the wind. Dawn heard from the back of her a loud BOOM and stopped.She turned around and didn't see her mother or father. "Mom?! Dad!?" Dawn looked around her heart pounding. "Mom! Dad!" She cried now as she curled up in the tall grass. They were gone..No where to be found.. Forever....

Goals Edit

  1. To be the best leader I can be.
  2. To train others to be better at what they are.
  3. To be alliances with most clans/packs/tribes as possible.
  4. To have at least 50 members in MC.
  5. To have as many friends as possible.