My brown cat by Punk Rock Michelle
  • //Introduction.//* A loud yowl split the air, as a brown she-cat had her last kit. The Medicine cat rushed in, examining the queen and her three new kit's. One of the kit's, a Dark Brown She-Kit with black paws and white stripes, couldn't move. The she-kit attempted to wiggle toward her mother, little did the cats know, that this kit, was paralyzed. The mother, Robinheart, had named the kit Bearkit. Bearkit's siblings consisted of two other she-cats, Lillykit, and Brackenkit. When the kit's where old enough to walk, Lillykit and Brackenkit tumbled outside the clearing. While Bearkit dragged her useless hind legs behind her to the Medicine Cat den. When she became and apprentice, Bearpaw learned some special battle moves, that consisted of her front paws and jaws only. After training, she became a warrior by the name of Beartrot.

//*/ About her//*/ Name(s): Bearkit, Paw, Trot.

Gender: She-cat.

Eye Color: Blue.

Description: A large brown pelted she-cat, with all four black paws and white stripes

Mother: Robinheart < Desecesd> Father: Burnedheart < Alive, SkyClan led by Foxstar> Sisters: Lillyfur

< desesced>, Brackenpaw < Desecsed>

Clan: SkyClan. - More about her

, Weakness's


Weakness's: Swimming, Running, Agility, fighting normally.

Strenghts: Climbing ( With forepaws), fighting ( forepaws, jaws).

Triva: She is said to have a Crush on Owlstreak.

She can't have kit's. She dreams to have a mate and maybe adopt kit's. If she does have kit's it would kill her.

Her sister, Lillyfur and Beartrot got into an argumnet by the Thunderpath, causing lilyfur to get hit on thunderpath

Brackenpaw drowned.

THEME SONGS: They are listened below.
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Shakira - Try Everything (Official Video)