When the light stops shining, you'll be the last one to see your reflection.

==General Information== Edit

♣ _Name_ ♣ Asteria

♣ _Breed_ ♣ Arctic Wolf

♣ _Gender_ ♣ Female

♣ _Age_ ♣ 2 Moons

♣ _Current Group_ ♣ N/A
  • Asteria
  • Asteria With A Stick
  • Asteria In The Grass

♣ _Occupation_ ♣ N/A 

♣ _Theme Songs_ ♣ Alices's Theme, Are You Coming To The Tree

♣ _Status_ ♣ Inactive

♣ _Accent_ ♣ British

🐾Relations🐾 Edit

♦_Mother_ ♦ Cressida

♦_Father_ ♦ -----

♦_Sisters_ ♦ -----

♦_Brothers_ ♦ ------

♦_Aunt_ ♦ Avalanche

♦_Cousins_ ♦ Kojo

♦_Friends_ ♦ Vortex, Nereza, Maala, Kojo, Kimapenzi

🎆Appearance🎆 Edit

♠Asteria is a laconic, ritzy Arctic Wolf. Her floccuent, alabaster pelage has a variety of cinereal, venting swirls that respite atop her circumscribe frame. The female's orbits strike with a tinge of cobalt furthermore attain you with a tumultuous glower. The wolf has fur that scatters about her tail and a nick, kinked into opaque dental marks after she had an encounter with a prodigious grimalkin.♠

🌋Personality🌋 Edit

♥Asteria inherits her personality from her mother. She is charitable and jubilant after encountering someone who wouldn't hurt her but she could be lethal if you take her into the wrong direction. She isn't too audacious as she lacks confidence due to her fears.The female is quiet and shy most of the time and whenever she talks to you, she may substitute your name with "darling." Asteria is quite obedient unless she knows something is not right--she isn't very gullible. Asteria may be skittish at times, but she will strongly follow her friends and try to stay with them as long as she can.♥

🌿Fears🌿 Edit

£ Spiders, she has Arachnophobia due to spiders of all kinds, frighten her with their forms.

Frogs, she has Ranidaphobia due to introspecting and being "attacked" by one.

£ Laughter, she partly has Geliophobia and Gelotophobia due to herself tensing up when she hears laughing, it pricks her pinnae, ringing like a bell.

🌙Likes🌙 Edit

The colour blue is something Asteria had always loved. She would reach out and try to observe anything that contained the colour if she knew it was safe.

Asteria has a deep affection for the stars, dancing across the midnight sky, as she thinks they gaze down apon her.

She loves to keep herself clean and neat and you may see her grooming herself or by her mother.

Asteria has great fun, jumping and dashing through the leaves as well as she loves splashing into puddles after a day's rain.

🌹Dislikes🌹 Edit

Lying, just in general, she even would hate herself if she had done such an act.

Being watched upon is something she quickly gets uncomfortable, especially if she had to do or talk in front of everyone.

Asteria isn't a big lover for flowers as last time she had tried to rip one off a bush, a sharp pain hit the side of her maw.

The female tries to follow what everyone says and she hears how bad twolegs are, so she agrees to dislike them as well.

==Backstory== Edit

"Asteria, the stars are watching over you, my love," her mother's soft voice rang through her pinnae, resembling a light ring. She nictated her cobalt orbits, veering towards her mother, "Mummy, can the stars see me?" She chuckled gently, "Of course they can, they are welcoming you as a new soul." Asteria looked up at her mother who was gazing upon her. She stretched her laconic frame, more petite than an average newborn. Her maw vented into a drowse and she stretched once more. Her mother rose and hauled her up, attaining her by the scruff as she started to lope on a downwards slat, leading to an enlarged cavern. "Where are we mummy?" Asteria yipped, faintly excited. "We are at The Cavern of The Dim Trees, my love, I would love to show you around," she said, calmly, placing her down and nudging her along the moss-faced side. Asteria hasped her balance and wobbled over to a puddle of water as she reached out to touch it, "What marvelous colour this has," she yipped as she patted the water. Her fur began to bristle as she tensed up, knowing her sixth sense kicked in--someone was watching her and it wasn't her mother.


"Why hello there, little fella'," a prodigious grimalkin purred with laughter. She began to burst out, cackling, "What a weakling you are," she watched Asteria topple over, decreased in balance. Her mother scattered to her side, "Love, if you put a paw on her, you're dead." Asteria introspected the two of them, never hearing her mother in such a harsh tone. The female, a breed of tiger, hauled Asteria over to her and began indenting bite marks into her ear, little amounts of blood trilling from it. "Mummy, please help me!" The pup yelped, batting at the colossal female, "Please Mummy!" A flash went by as her mother, Cressida, mounted atop the feline, pinning her down and shaking her like a rag-doll. Asteria watched in astonishment furthermore her eyes wandering as she saw her mother slam the feline's captulum against a boulder. A thin layer of glaze encrusted the female's orbs and she lay there motionless, a circle of vermilion at the back of her cranium. "Let's get away from here, she might have invited some friends to the party," her mother apprised and grabbed her pup by the scruff and headed outside of the cavern. "What party?" Asteria questioned, as her mother bounded away from the cavern, "It's nothing, my love."


Panting, the both of them, after Asteria was placed down, gently, caught their breaths. "Did--you--know?" Cressida asked between breaths, "That she was--there?" Asteria sneezed and looked her mother square in the eye, "I didn't know but my senses told me. They told me that there was someone watching me, and it wasn't you." Cressida seemed puzzled as she was to understand something new, "Is anyone around us right now?" She watched over Asteria seeing her fur bristle and her frame tensed up, "Why yes mummy, there are two, two animals, but I don't know who, are watching us." The two of them looked around aimlessly until two figures had been spotted by her mother.


"Cressida? Hey, Cress, is that you?" The two of them heard a subdued bark, coming from a Yukon Wolf. Her mother squinted towards the two figures, both canines, both wolves. "Nez? Is that you? Is that who I think it is, Nereza?" Her mother had shown excitement throughout her tone, "Who is that along with you?" The two wolves were soon nose to nose with us and I scattered between my mother's legs. "This is Maala, my new Alpha, she currently leads The Woodland Prowlers, she's a good friend of mine, now," Nereza made a gesture with her tail, pointing towards a monumental Eastern Timber Wolf. Her mother inclined her cranium in the presence of respect to a leader. "It is very pleasant to meet you, Maala," Asteria's mother calmed her tone. "To you as well," she dipped her head as a sign of greeting, "The Prowlers are currently searching for new recruits, would you like to join us?" Maala, grinned towards Asteria's mother, unaware of Asteria was below her.


"I would love to, it would be an honor," her mother replied, dipping her cranium once again. "Who's the little one here," Nereza referred to Asteria, who was at the base of her back legs. Cressida pulled out Asteria and shown her to Maala and Nereza, "This is Asteria, my daughter," she smiled, gesturing Asteria to look up at the monumental wolves. "She'd be quite fierce, I'd say myself," Nereza was the first to comment. "She would really add some happiness and excitement to our pack, she looks wonderful!" Maala howled. Both Maala and Nereza, Asteria and Cressida's new Alpha and Beta lead them through the towering trees until they stopped and stared at the both with enlarged grins, "You guys will love it here!" Asteria followed behind the three of them as they entered the camp of The Woodland Prowlers.