"Hidden in the depths of doubt, there is always a solution."


Theme Song~ Battle Scars [1]- Guy Sebastian

Status~ Inactive.

Basic Information: Edit

Name: Asla

Species: Sabertooth

Breed: Machairodus Kabir

Age: 42 Moons (3 Years, 6 Months)

Gender: Female

Current Clan/Pack/Tribe: Contemporary N/A

Rank in Clan/Pack/Tribe: Contemporary N/A

Parents: Unsourced

Siblings: Unsourced

Kin: Unsourced

Mate: Contemporary N/A

Cub(s): Contemporary N/A

Initiates: All of PSM.

Acquaintances: Not a Soul

Description: Edit

Appearance: The occasional leaf, drifting away from a tree. A distant speck, provoking you to draw nearer. Asla is an enormous Sabertooth. Her pelt consists of fawn brown markings that dapple her khaki-brown coat. Her underbelly is a very vibrant hue of crimson. Asla's yellow gaze portrays a very antagonistic aroma as it scintillates in both well-illuminated and obscure gleams.

Temperament: Asla can become malicious, and intend to do malevolent deeds. This can be frequent, as she can be deprecatory, getting into numerous arguments. But once you get to know and understand her, she can become quite altruistic, and be considerate of your feelings. Asla is very devoted and her loyalty will last her lifetime.

Portraits of Asla: Edit


(Not much realistic photos of a Machairodus Kabir.)

In-Game~ Edit