Backstory Edit

Ashi let out a howl. Her small paws lifted her. She turned to her shadowed mother. She to let out a howl and closed her eyes. Her father tossed her out of the den. Ashi was so young, all her fur hadn't grown in yet. In fact, she was just born. Ashi raced out of the camp, turning away from her dark father and dead mother, and watched in horror and he smiled as he raked his teeth into her mother's dead body. Turning away, she ran to the forest.

Ashi stared at the damp and dark forest. Her paws shuffled on the ground. She made a nest and closed her eyes. She had no family. She couldn't survive like this. She then heard a howl in the distance. Ashi tried to ignore it, but the howls continued. This wasn't good.

Ashi had finally arrived to where the howls were. The one moon old pup settled down. She decided to stay there for a while. Just watching, until she might be noticed. Might be noticed. She added in her mind. After a bit of thinking, Ashi decided she would come out a moon later. No matter what.

A moon had passed, or two to be exact. At three moons old, Ashi didn't remember her father or mother. In fact, she didn't remember anyone but Dusk, the alpha of the Pack she had been watching. By now, Ashi knew the name of the Pack; The Pack of Shadowed Paws. Ashi was lifted by her paws. After a bit of thinking, she decided to go out.

"Hello, pup." Dusk barked. Ashi introduced herself. A moon later, she was four moons old and had taken the test to get in. This was her home. It was her home forever.

Everyday Life Edit

Example of Ashi's everyday life. ( Roleplay example, and recent past ) Edit

Ashi bounded into the official's den. To her surprise, Dusk was there with an odd book. Dusk explained the book's magic, and how he could do anything with it. Ashi asked him to turn a plant blue. A half moon later, he did it! There was a lot of delay.

Appearance Edit

Ashi is a white pup with black spots. She also has ocean blue eyes.


General Info Edit

Age Pack/Group Rank
4 moons The Pack of Shadowed Paws Pup