Appearance: A slender, pale cream tabby shecat with a white underbelly, grey stripes, and faded silver eyes.

Role: A current warrior in AspenClan.

Family: Wavepool ( Mother, deceased ),Badgerleap ( Father, deceased )

, Crystalpaw ( Sister, deceased ), Bumblefoot ( Brother ) Doveswoop ( Daughter )

Likes: Stargazing, watching the sunset, playing with kits, sun bathing, training apprentices.

Dislikes: Death, pain, tomcats, annoying elders, and tight spaces.

Strengths: Fast, can leap very high, not easy to attack, swims, and can withstand extreme heat and cold.

Flaws: small and easy to crush( if you're fast enough ), doesn't fight well in the dark, scenting isn't as good as it used to be, gets nervous when fighting large, strong, cats, and gets surprised easily.

Backstory: I was born in a clan, like most cats. My mom was in SharkClan while my father was in BriarClan. I grew up with my mother, in SharkClan, where I learned how to swim. Of course, my father wanted me in his Clan. So, BriarClan attacked SharkClan, where my sister, Crystalpaw, died. Bumblefoot fled, while I fought with SharkClan. I had many injuries. SharkClan ended up winning, while my father plotted for revenge in BriarClan. Wavepool, my mother, died of greencough later that moon. I was so lost, losing all my family like that. I went to visit my father, where I later joined his clan. He was so joyful, and then the next moon, he died from a skulk of foxes. I ran away, no family but Bumblefoot left. I found an aspen tree, where AspenClan's camp was. I ended up joining and becoming a AspenClan warrior, still lost in my thoughts of my family...