"In order for there to be light, there first must be darkness." ~Amani

Amani Edit

Name: Amani


Amani as she would appear in real life. This is not an exact example. (ignore the royal canin background :P)

Species: Felis catus

Breed: Somali

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Age: 3 moons (3 months)

Group: Loner

Theme Song: Clair De Lune (Them Jeans Edit) - Flight Facilities

Animal Jam Username: Amberbrooke8

Links: AJCW Profile

News! Edit

(12/13/15) Amani has left the disbanded MossClan and has resulted to full Loner!

Amani as shown in Animal Jam

Family: Edit

Mother: Uzuri {deceased}

Father: Valun{deceased}

Uncles: Rayak {deceased}

Aunts: Nyasi {deceased}, Laya {deceased}

Cousins: Esther (gabbycake2003)

Siblings: None

Mate: None

Offspring: None

Appearance: Edit

Amani is a long haired Somali cat, with a light chestnut brown messy pelt with lighter and dulled spots and points. She has lightened icy blue eyes with a white sock on her front right. She has two scars on her cervical spinal area due to a confrontation with a kit-hunting owl.


Amani's appearance.

Personality: Edit

Traits: Edit

  • empathetic
  • kind
  • bold
  • curious
  • understanding
  • wise

Strengths: Edit

Amani is very warm and welcoming; leading her to new friends often. She works well with others and always enjoys good company. She is hard working and passionate towards her goals, and strives to make others happy. Amani is very selfless and compassionate, and loves to bring smiles where ever she goes. Physically, Amani is a good tree climber, has knowledge of herbs, and has experience fending for herself.

Weaknesses: Edit

Amani tends to over exert herself on her quest to make others happy, and rarely cares to her own needs. Physically, she has troubles with hunting and swimming. Sometimes, Amani's need for companionship will get her into trouble with others that mean her harm. She can be too trusting of others, and believes there is always good in others, when there may be only evil.

History: Edit

Amani was born in mid Leaf-Fall, to her mother Uzuri and father Valun (both rogues). Amani stayed by her parents side for a whole moon until her parents were both hit by a Monster on the East Thunderpath. Amani, who made it across safely, had no choice but to move on. She moved to the forest (Sarepia, Aldan) and stayed there alone for a week, until she met Esther (gabbycake2003), who, little did she know, was her cousin. The two kits instantly bonded, and they began to make a life in the forest. There they found many challenges; such as a derranged "professor" twoleg looking for cats to experiment on, kit-hungry owls, and unfriendly felines and canines. Despite the dangers, the two kits continued to thrive together, soon finding Skyclan. Amani and Esther were in Skyclan for some time, until its fall. Amani then joined Mossclan with Esther; which also fell to become disbanded. Esther and Amani are now full fledged loners.