I'm nothing but the hostile warrior that felines fear. I'm loyal, I'm not hostile.


Alaska isn't in the range of sympathetic or serene. She is solemn and distinctly harsh to those who aren't in pure warrior blood. She doesn't believe in being benevolent or having sympathy to her own kind. She is only here for purity and the immeasurable ambition that prowls in any feline's heart. She isn't lost of her sanity, just her sympathy and merriment soul. Only loyalty lies in her unfathomable mind of solemnity. As said again, she is highly prejudice against those who are half-bloods or kitty-pet born.

Alaska has a slight tempermental issue, and dejection issue. She can't furl her paws tight enough around her vexation, and cannot hold the despondency that clings to the back of her mind. She sometimes omitts an immense amount of sadness, and an immense amount of fury when she is agitated.


Alaska is an ivory-colored feline with scintillating orbs with a hue so menacing they could freeze you on the spot. The tips of her ears are a Stygian hue with specks of grey. A myriad of slender black stripes line the undersides of her jawline, along with her chin. Her frame is slender and lengthy, and she as just a stump for a tail. Despite her piteous size and bobbed rear, she has a rather athletic build and slender legs.

Current Pack/ClanEdit

None currently. She has slight interest in joining The Encrypted or EagleClan.


Mother: Unknown. Dead

Father: Unknown. Dead.

Siblings: Fatal and Athena.

Children: None.

Friends: Nemesis, Rockstar, and Electricity's Shadow.


Alaska has been, on countless occasions, considered unfeeling and utterly harsh. She has been picked on and chastised for her solemnity many times. She has been lambasted for what seems like decades on her solemnity. Felines, utterly insolent invalid screaming felines, have accused her for murder, for disloyalty, for obliteration and termination. She is blamed, considered cold and mephitic, ready to kill at any moment. For this, she has no endeavor or aspiration to accompany a clan/pack.


Not much is known about Alaska's history, but the fact she was exiled unfairly from The Pack of Cryptic Nightmares. She had been accused of fatally injuring the leader, Cryptic, and slaughtering several kits and warriors on several occasions. Her father and mother are unfortunately in demise, and her siblings are far off in a nefarious pack that she had been exiled from. She holds severe tension for the Pack of Faded Memories for mysterious reasons that are obscured in her mind.

Long story short, she had been forced to kill her mate whom had resided in the Pack of Faded Memories. She had loved him, yet that was until she was to execute him. Her leader, Cyptic, had unfortunately discovered the relationship, and her being the heinous brutal Alpha, forced her to. Alaska had been soon executed after the brutal deed, for she had lost her temper and attacked her Alpha. The deputy had been one to kill Cryptic when he had intervened... He accused her of the execution, and kicked her out.

Alaska now resides in the forest alone, not a soul to accompany her.


Running- 9/10

Hunting- 7/10

Jumping/Agility- 10/10

Power Force- 7/10

Fighting- 9/10