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"Nothing is true, everything is permitted."

- Assassin's Creed

Name: Aetrix

Dark wolf by white voodoo-d4rnirh

Species: Canis Lupus Lupus

Sex: Male

Status: Active

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Group: Founder and Alpha of Sanguinary Canines

Religion: Fatality Mortalist of Realms of Mortality

Mate: Xui

Family: Unknown

Friends: Reedwhisker, Dementia


A dark colored Eurasian Wolf (Canis Lupus Lupus) with a generally muscular build. His pelt is a very dark shade, resembling a jet black. His eyes bare an intense celadon color, adding to his menacing figure.


Complimenting is menacing appearance, Aetrix is extremely aggressive to outsiders. He tends to get carried away in battle, showing ruthlessness and savagery. All these negative parts of his personality are connected with his temperament issues, he is provoked easily.

On the other hand, Aetrix is highly respected among his friends and acquaintances. He tends to believe in equality, and will always try to risk his live for his loved ones and what he believes in. He is also highly intelligent, which is his greatest strength. He is known to create the craziest of battle strategies, but end up in victory. But with great intelligence, come manipulative behavior against his enemies.

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