NAME ...... Acorn Acornkit Acornpaw

Acorn: For her bright amber eyes and brown markings

Paw: Standard suffix for all apprentices

POSSIBLE WARRIOR NAMES ...... Acornpelt, Acornleap, Acorneye, Acornpath

PAST NAMES ...... Acorn, Acornkit

GENDER ...... Female

CLAN ...... Crescentclan

RANK ...... Kit Apprentice Warrior Elder

MENTOR ...... Eclipsesong



AGE ....... 6 Moons

BREED ....... Maine Coon/Bobtail Mix

SIZE ....... Acornpaw was smaller than her litter-mates and is still smaller than most apprentices her age. She appears soft and delicate, with wisps of fur that stick out in spikes and small eyes that have slits. She walks quite strangely, putting one paw in front of the other like she is a robot, but does so to appear larger. As she ages into a warrior, she will most likely stay in her small stature.

BRIEF DESCRIPTION ........ She is a small stature she-cat with small paws and a light grey pelt and cream underbelly with dark brown splotches and a dark brown tail with cream spots on her side and tail.

SCARS ......... None


◊ - - Acornpaw's body is fluffy and has a hard time dodging blows due to it. It can also get quite heavy, making it hard to keep herself up at some points. She has the fluff in her, as she is a Maine Coon Mix, and is quite ditsy as well, stumbling quite a bit. Other features include her two large dark brown dots on her back that have a silver orb in them and her bobbed tail.

FUR TEXTURE/FUR LENGTH/FUR COLOR ....... Acornpaw's fur is an interesting mixture of cream, multiple shades of brown and light grey which she inherited mostly from her mother. Her base coat is light grey which has a large dark brown splotch covering her cheek. The cream in her fur mostly shows in the small speckles on her tail and left side as well as her paws and underbelly. Her eyes are a bright amber color, which were lighter than her siblings.

Acornpaw's fur seems as if it would be rough to the touch due to the spiky nature in which it falls. However, much like her brother and mother, the hairs covering her are very fine and incredibly soft to the touch. Though only of a medium length, due to the fine texture, it mats easily and you can often find her grooming herself in order to keep her fur in pristine condition. 

EYES ....... Her eyes are not that round and have a slit instead of a normal round pupil. They are quite bright and appear a bit gold at dawn.

BODY TYPE ....... Small and fluffy as an apprentice

SPECIAL FEATURES ....... Her bobbed tail is quite noticeable as it is the only part of her lacking fluffiness.

SCENT ....... She has a scent of pine trees on her fur, mostly because she grew up in a pine forest.



TRAITS ...... [ Kind ] [ To be discovered ] [ Protective ] [ To be discovered ] [ Slow ] [ Anxious ]


+ [ Kind ]

Acornpaw is quite kind to other cats and hates to see them in stress. She will usually go out of her way to help the cat and doesn't really care what they have done and accepts them with all her heart. She likes to see the good in everyone, but she is a bit shy at first so it may take some time to get her to actually open up to you, but keep in mind she usually already has but is a bit hesitant.

= [ Protective ]

Acornpaw can be quite protective of her friends and close clanmates. That assures you that she's a loyal and faithful friend, but can also lead her to try to solve other's problems and put herself at risk if it means helping a friend.

- [ Slow ]

Acornpaw doesn't catch onto things quite much and has trouble understanding certain things. She doesn't really listen that much either which also affects it when she has to ask someone to help her, even if its the most obvious game, so might wanna be patient with her.

- [ Anxious ]

This is a new trait Acornpaw has gained since becoming an apprentice. Meeting so many cats she hadn't known much before and having to fulfill all her apprentice duties has made her quite anxious. 


◇ Living | ◆ Deceased | ◈ Whereabouts Unknown

MOTHER ...... ◈ Forest

FATHER ...... ◈ Night

SIBLINGS ...... ◆ (M) Cedar, ◆ (F) Midnight, ◆ (F) Spice

STATUS ...... Too Young!

ORIENTATION ...... Straight/Demisexual



  • Patient
  • Honest
  • Outgoing


  • Dishonest
  • Rude
  • Boring




Moon Trance - Lindsey Stirling


Prolouge: Prior to birth

Forest was a petite tortoiseshell she-cat with bright green eyes; she was an ally cat, never living with someone to take care of her and was named of where her parents one day dreamed to be. She was raised high-class style, due to her parents being a high ranking in the ally way, and though she liked her name she hated her life style. She longed to be in the forest, and to somehow escape where she was.

A few times she did manage to escape the ally way, but only went to as far as she could see the forest, scared of what actually lay beyond there, and there she met a smokey grey tom with bright amber eyes named Night and she immediately feel for him, feeling a strong attraction. They shared similar dreams as well, both living a high class society and wanting to get into the forest.

Finally figuring out a way they planned to escape, and that was was exile. Putting there brains together, they decided to kill there parents, and that would lead to the leader of the all ways known as Death would exile the two. They did successfully fulfill there plan, both killing there parents and actually making them feared in the community, they were exiled and got into the forest, but as they spent more time to supply each other, Forest could feel her feelings growing and confessed, Night, who returned her feelings happily accepted the idea of becoming mates.

While becoming pregnant with there kits, however, the two found it harder to manage, being slow with traveling and having more to supply for, though they managed to survive this and had four kits named Cedar, Midnight, Spice and Dawn. Unfortunately though, three out of the four kits died due to harsh cold weather. Acorn being the only survivor, her parents wanted her to live and there found Crescentclan, where they dropped her off there and was found by one of the warriors who accepted her into the clan.

Chapter 01: Kit

Acorn- now Acornkit- had a good kit life in Crescentclan, she met her best friend Shadekit, and the two seemed to be like sisters to each other. Not having much memory of her life before Crescentclan she had figured her parents just died in a battle with one of the other clans.

Acornkit later found out her parents abandoned her in Crescentclan, but she accepted it quickly, understanding there possible circumstance of the harsh weather of leaf-fall- sure she did feel a bit lost then but she remained on the positive side.

She and her friend Shadekit had a lot of fun together, they met other warriors of the clan, like Amberheart and Loud and she really cherished the two.

Chapter 02: Apprentice



Crescentclan: Edit

Scorchstar/Loganmcl(M)- Friend/Respected/Trusted:

"Scorchstar is a cool cat! He takes care of Crescentclan and is the leader of it! Sure, he can't exactly replace Slystar. . . but he is just as good as her!"

Eclipsesong/Animalcupcak(F)- Mentor/Friend/Respected/Trusted/Admires:

"Eclipsesong is my mentor, and I can consider one of my friends as well! She has good techniques to teach me, and I hope to learn all of them and be just as good of a warrior as her."

Amberheart/Halecat(F)- Good Friend/Respected/Admires/Trusted:

"Amberheart is a good friend to me, I wanna get to know her better though. . . wonder if that's possible, her kits are also so cute! Maybe I can mentor one of them one day?"

Buddy/Aubree0wolf(M)- Good Friend/Respected/Trusted:

"He is one of the canines in the clan! He is a kind dog and is very friendly to everyone in Crescentclan! I wonder if we can become better friends, hopefully, I want to get to know everyone!"

Spade/Skipper7880(F)- Good Friend/Respected/Trusted:

"Spade is great! She and I are becoming good friends as well and I hope that we will remain friends!"

Shadepaw/Jammer084q3(F)- Best Friend/Respected/Trusted:

"She is my best friend and I cherish her! I hope we can remain friends forever, and live to be warriors together!"

Toxicpaw/Jammer084q3(M)- Best Friend/Respected/Trusted:

"He is Shadepaw's brother but I cherish him just as much as her! . . . he is a bit she-crazy though, is that just his personality?"


Bloodclan: Edit

Crylo/Swaggerflow(M)- Good Friend/Respected/Admires/Trusted/Old Crush:

"He is a good friend, yes I did have feelings for him once but there gone! Besides that, he and his mate Sin are perfect together! He also makes a great leader of Bloodclan!"

Sin/Jammer73335(F)- Unsure/Like/Respected:

"Sin. . . I'm not so sure about? We don't talk much and she seems to ignore me most of the time. . . did I do something?"

Kero/Warrior4740(F)- Good Friend/Respected/Trusted:

"She is the co-deputy of Bloodclan! She is a good friend to me, sure we are in different clans, but we still get along! Though, we have been growing distant lately. . ."


Rouges: Edit

Forest/NPC(F)- Curious About/Heard Of/Blood Family:

". . . I don't know much about my birth mother. . . maybe she was like me?"

Night/NPC(M)- Curious About/Heard Of/Blood Family:

". . . I don't know what to say about him. . ."



+ Intelligence

+ Hunting


- Water

- Fighting


+ Laying in the sun

+ The forest

+ Food


- Wet/Cold weather

- Paying attention

- Someone pointing out her slowness


- Death

- The dark

- (To be discovered)


TIME ZONE ...... (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)

METHODS ..... Animal Jam/Email (If I know you well enough/know you in person)

POST SIZE ..... I'm happy to match size with whoever i'm roleplaying with

RATING ..... Any [Minus any sexual content -.-] 


Roleplay example

Anatomy/Vocabulary Example:

The fae's radaric zenithcals ethicaled, her atramenous and alabaster ante dictus vacillate transmorgify against the undergrowth. Tiny's bobbed emphenndage twitching, she gyrotated her captius dimintious maximus to look behind her. Her radaric zentihcals ople spotting a ecrueed volumtious veluntious squirrel. She crouched down, pinning her radaric zenithcals to her captius dmintious maximus, accredic her mitts move forward carefully. Opening her quadrotomandibular articulation she leaped into the air, outstretching her ante dictus which already had her eponychium scathers unsheathed. She was in luck as well, the ecrueed creature barely noticed her as she accidentally overleaped, landing ontop of the creature. Luckily, she had sunk her concave dentalism articulario into it's matpansarious hitting the embouchment to quickly kill it. Sanguine fluid seeped out of its neck as the five moon old kit shook her integumentary to get the dust off before ensconcing and enjoying her lucky meal.