Basic InformationEdit

Name: Rainpaw

Current Clan/Pack/Tribe:

Age: 7 moons

Mentor: TBA

Position In Clan:

Theme Song: Fight Song. By: Rachel Platten


Sister: Nightstar (Leader of Sootclan)

Brother: None

Kits: None

Mate: None

Mother: Reny

Father: Taus

Appearance Edit

Pelt: Rainpaw's pelt is dark grey with splotches of slate ( Blue Grey) across her pelt.

Eye Color: A Beautiful Icy Blue

Size: A small apprentice that's about 12 inches tall ( Remember that we're talking about cats, most of them aren't 2 feet tall XD)

Personality Edit

Personality: Rainpaw is a very outgoing/bold apprentice. She enjoys training with her mentor and the smell of herbs. She loves water and loves to swim and play in the rain unlike most cats. She is very sensitive about cats asking about her parents due to she never knew them. She remembers some things about them but refuses to call them her parents because she thinks they don't deserve the title. She enjoys being in the Medicine Cat Den with the smell of herbs wreathing around her like mist.

Favorite Prey: Young Squirrel

Confidence level ( Out of 10): 4

Things that get her stressed out:

- When she doesn't have her space

- Other cats talking about her parents

- Tests (Anxiety of Failing)

Favorite things to do:

- Swimming

- Playing in the rain

Likes Edit

- Swimming

- Playing in the rain

- The aroma of herbs

- New birth to her clan

- Training with her mentor

- The eerie quiet of the forest in the dewy morning

Dislikes Edit

- Drama Queens

- Arguments

- Battles

- Failing due to embarrassment

- When cats come to the Medicine Den repeatedly for drama they made up

Friends Edit

- Nightstar

- Shade

- Rivermist

- Scarletstar

Back Story Edit

In a small cave-like den a little slate kitten suckled her mother's milk. A tom cat walked inside with prey in his jaws.

" It's about time Reny." The tom meowed with a stern look at the shecat.

" Cant we wait one more day Taus?" She meowed pleadingly as she looked down at the kit.

" No it has to be today. They will find us if we don't, it's time." He meowed with a gentle look in his eyes. He knew how hard this would be on Reny but it had to be done. A little squeak came from the small kit.

" Mom, where are we going?"

" Hush Rainkit. Your going on an adventure with me and your dad." Reny murmured with a sorrowful look at the little kit. The little kit squealed with excitement as Reny picked her up and started to run, Taus by her side. They traveled for a long time before the kit spoke.

" Mom my neck hurts! Can't we stop?" She mewled as her mother raced farther into the trees. Reny didn't speak but just kept running. As they got deep into the forest Reny finally set down Rainkit.

" Now me and your dad are going to hunt can you promise us that you will stay here?" Reny mewed with a sorrowful look at her kitten that looked like her heart had broke in two. The little kit nodded and Reny and Taus bolted off into the trees. As they ran they didn't even stop to scent the air which would be a sign to a full grown cat they weren't going to hunt but the little kit knew no such thing. Rainkit sat in the middle of the forest, waiting for her parents to return. She grew scared as an owl swooped over her head nearby. She squealed and hid under a rock that was half up, just the right size for the kitten to squeeze in. She laid down and quickly fell asleep.

Sunlight slanted into her sleeping place and she woke up with a yawn. She looked around expecting to see her mom and dad, but saw no one. The realization hit her. Her parents were never coming back. Her eyes searched desperately even though she knew the truth and she trembled pitifully. She mewled in despair and hid under the rock.

She laid there for 3 suns. She was only 3 moons old and couldn't hunt for herself or defend herself. On that third sun she looked around as she heard a twig snap. She saw a large female rouge coming out of the trees. She was a russet brown and she stopped in front of the kit with a gentle look in her eyes.

" You look hungry little one. Why don't you come with me? I will take care of you." She mewed softly and at once Rainkit knew she would be safe with her. Rainkit got up and followed the rouge back into the trees with a glance back at the clearing where her parents had abandoned her.