I am Maskedsoul, awesome African Civet (Puts Shades on). And Welcome to my OC page~

Info~ Edit

NAME: Maskedsoul

Personality: A hyper,derpy and lovable civet. He often wishes to please his mate, Goldstar and her wishes.If anybody goes to harm his friends or his kits friends(and his family) he will attack ;P.

Appearance: A light cream civet with black tribal 'runes'.He has bright yellow eyes.

Gender: Male, DUH.

Species: Are you kidding me? I'm a African Civet!

Age: Classified ):O

Group: Tundraclan lead by Goldstar

Theme song:

Kin!!!! Edit

Mother: How dare you ask meh .^.

Father: Applerune(yep..... that IS his true name)

Siblings: None. I was an only child! WOO!

Mate <3: The Cool-kat Goldstar from Tundraclan :P

Kits: Finchkit (dark brown,male kit with light brown tabby patterns)

Eaglekit (light brown,female kit with a cream wing like splash on her back)

Swankit (albino, female kit)

Robinkit (gingery cream male kit with brown on his legs)

Owlkit (light cream, male kit)

Friends: Thunderstar (deceased ),Darkstar(alive :D),Goldstar (Yes, alive still ;P), Mah kits(All alive XD)

Mentor: Icewish

Likes and Dislikes Edit

Likes? Edit


His Family n Friends


Having fun

Making songs

Dislikes? Edit


Disrespectful animals

Gallery~ Edit

None yet :c

Please add :P