Sometimes, you encounter not the best of people but the best of personalities that can change your life internally, no matter how good or bad they can be.


🌀General Information🌀 Edit

Name: Elliot

Nickname(s): Elli

Gender: Male

Age: 24 Moons

Date of Birth: February 29

Date of Death: March 6

Current Group: The Tribe Of Arcane Outlanders

Position: Emissary

Past Groups: N/A

Theme Song(s):

Cemetery Gates--Pantera

The Kill--Thirty Seconds To Mars

🌀Relations🌀 Edit

Family/Mate Relations Edit

Parents: Assumed Dead

Siblings: Assumed Dead

Mate: N/A

Former Mate(s): N/A

Species Relations Edit

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Mammalia

Order: Carnivora

Family: Felidae

Genus: Panthera

Species: Panthera Leo

Subspecies: Panther Leo Massaicus

🌀Summary of Appearance🌀 Edit

Height: 46 Inches (At Shoulder)

Weight: 297 Pounds

Body Length: 87 Inches

  • Elliot In Real Life
  • Elliot As A Cub
  • Elliot
  • Elliot Line Art (Credit To The Owners, I Do Not Own)
  • Elliot By Me

Tail Length: 36 Inches

Top Speed: 48 Miles Per Hour (Short Distance)                                                      

Eye Colour: Enlightened Cobalt

Pelt Colour: Alabaster

Voice: Owen Wilson

🌀Appearance🌀 Edit

🔥Elliot expresses an unusual, unique coat that lacks colour. His alabaster pelt makes him stand out at a crowd as his stunning, heliotrope orbits strike into you with a tinge of anger. A bright cinereal tufts sprout atop his back, prodigious tuft of granite sprouting off the horny spur at the end of his tail as well as floating across his neck, piercing a flowing mane. His skin is pigmented though he is quite larger than some others. The male withholds an imitating silver collar, toothed with his parents' dentals after he will long remember a piece of them.🔥

🌀Personality🌀 Edit

🔥Elliot, despite his intimating size, has great fun hunting as he is quite skillful of doing so. He loves to hunt other animals as well as needing to scout out enemies that had attained in unneeded attention to him or one of his friends. The male is extremely social and he would be the first to ask any question--he is always curious ever since he was young. He hadn't been the most confident due to being alone all of the moons but is pretty skittish, especially since he is extremely gullible and strongly gets ashamed when being embarrassed.🔥

🌀Fears🌀 Edit




🌀Likes🌀 Edit

🔥Despite being a feline, he loves to swim and is quite good at it

🔥Elliot loves to hang out by large boulders and rocks as he climbs above and beneath them

🔥He has great affection towards the colour white since he loves the fact of being albino since he in unique

🌀Dislikes🌀 Edit

🔥He hates animals that get angry at him for no apparent reason, in defense, he likes to laugh and not care about what they say

🔥Elliot hates puns, hates them and doesn't want to be apart of any "corny" joke at all

🔥 He isn't a fan of chasing things that are faster than him because he has a desire to catch it but he knows he is too slow

🌀Strengths🌀 Edit

Agile Swimmer

Plentiful Strength

Excellent Scenting & Hearing

🌀Flaws🌀 Edit

Lacks Speed

Ability To Climb

Seeing His Worst Fears

🌀Friends🌀 Edit






🌀 Rivals🌀Edit

Kia, Novice of Hounds of Odious