Echolights Backstory, In 3rd Person. Edit


Echolight only had her father, She Was an Adopted Kit, Her Biogical mother had Eaten Deathberries Because of her Mates Passing, A Tom called Dusttail Adopted Echokit, Dusttail Abused echokit in Every way possible, She Was Mentally Scarred in all stages of her life, One Day She Stood up to her father, With all the hate and Anger she had left in her, And Brutally Killed him, She Was Terrified of herself, She Stayed away from everyone and Sat in silence, She started to speak, Reliazing she had to, She Hid all of her Secrets inside of her, And Never told anyone, She Has A bright personality trying to hide it, But Inside never happy, Even of her personality she finds it extremely hard to smile, And It petrified of cats dying.

Basic Information of Echolight Edit


Name: Echolight

Gender: She-cat

Orientation: Bisexual

Mate: None

Bio Father: Unknown

Bio Mother: Unknown

Adoptive father: Dusttail

Age: 23 Moons

Kits: None At The Moment,

Tactics Edit


Hunting 9/10

Battle: 9/10

Tunneling: 2/10

Digging: 1/10

Swimming: 9/10 ( Bearclan flood )

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Likes and dislikes Edit



Friendly cats


Cat mint



Oak Leaves

The Dark

Smiling :(

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