Intro Edit

You were born to a rogue mother who left you at a young age. You met a cat named Leafsong at 1 who taught you a lot as a kit. She then became your mentor teaching you to hunt and battle. She gives you the warrior name Dawnsong naming you after herself. A large tom walks up to you and Leafsong. Leafsong wounds it badly, but it ends her. Leafsong is dead at your paws and you wonder what the world has in mind for you

Family Edit

Mom: Sandstorm(Dead)

Mentor: Leadsong(dead

Personality Edit

You are a quite yet fierce cat. You normally spend most of your time alone, singing to yourself. You are loyal to whatever family is yours. In battle, you love to use your claws and shred enemies to bits. You defend your clan/Family at all costs making sure nothing gets in your way.


Apperance Edit

You are a shecat that has a sand colored pelt and yellow orbs. You have a scar from your eye from a battle you had with Leafsong. You have larger paws than must cats making your legs very strong. Your body is very slick and thin from your forest diet.

Terms Edit

you really don't need to do anything besides ask to us this OC . I don't care what you do with her afterwards.